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Baxter Black, DVM: Good Neighbor

Baxter Black, DVM:  Good Neighbor

Jim said he had the best two-strand bob wire fence in the country! The ranchers who bordered him got together and fixed his fence.

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Early Spring Grazing Sets the Stage for the Entire Season

Early Spring Grazing Sets the Stage for the Entire Season

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

Winter feed stores are dwindling and the urge to get cows to grass is escalating. Turning cows out on immature forages too early can have consequences. The biggest challenge is to avoid permanent damage by overgrazing. If forages are overgrazed early, permanent damage of the stand is likely. Delaying turn-out until forages have reached eight inches in height is recommended.

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Cattle producers should protect their animals as fly season accelerates

Cattle producers should protect their animals as fly season accelerates

The Cattleman

Springtime conditions are increasing fly activity and cattle producers should take steps to protect animals and reduce losses, said Jason Banta, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service beef cattle specialist at Overton. Horn flies, stable flies and house flies are the most common fly pests in Texas. Flies may be viewed by some as a nuisance to their animals but they also cost cattle producers statewide hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

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Ag is her future: A college senior’s job search

Ag is her future: A college senior’s job search

Jonathan Knutson


Marilyn Lewis isn’t sure of the best word to describe it. “Freedom” and “lifestyle” come close, but neither is quite right. She knows what she’s looking for, though. And she’s confident that agriculture can provide it. “There’s just something about being on the farm, especially working outdoors with animals, that appeals to me,” she says.

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Projected lifetime returns: Bred heifers

Projected lifetime returns: Bred heifers

Harlan Hughes

BEEF Magazine

Last month I focused on the economic cost of developing a preg-checked heifer in the fall of 2016. This month I will focus on the challenges that you and I face in projecting lifetime economic returns of adding preg-checked heifers to the herd. I believe that expanding — or not expanding — your beef cow herd and its timing is one of the more critical financial management decisions relating to your operation.

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New beef checkoff benefits Missouri cattle farmers

New beef checkoff benefits Missouri cattle farmers

High Plains Journal

Missouri cattle farmers have the rare opportunity to invest in their future by supporting a new state checkoff promoting the sale and consumption of Missouri beef. The checkoff dollars will stay in Missouri, be controlled by Missouri cattle farmers for Missouri cattle farmers, and will be 100 percent refundable.

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Cattleman: Cousin Still Poisoning Cows After Earlier Arrest

Cattleman: Cousin Still Poisoning Cows After Earlier Arrest


A Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana cattle farmer says his cows continue to die of poisoning despite his cousin’s earlier arrest. KSLA-TV reports that Talmadge Brown Jr. was arrested in December on a charge of aggravated animal cruelty by sheriff’s deputies after admitting to poisoning a cow owned by Kenneth Trichel.

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Indiana farmers celebrate tax relief victory

Indiana farmers celebrate tax relief victory

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Network

Indiana Farm Bureau’s Katrina Hall says farmland taxes have increased 63 percent in Indiana since 2007 and it was time for relief.  “Between 2016 and 2019, combined with the legislation that happened last year, it’s about $500 million in farmland tax relief,” she says.  “That’s really taxes that if the legislation hadn’t passed farmers would be paying.”

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Why Don’t I See More Beef Checkoff Ads?

Why Don’t I See More Beef Checkoff Ads?

Melissa Jackson

The Beef Board

Checkoff-funded consumer market research shows us that the key generation for beef marketing – millennials – practically live on their computer devices. They tell us that they get virtually all of their information online, then use that information to draw conclusions and make important decisions about agriculture and the food they eat.

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Prepare for the spring cattle breeding season

Prepare for the spring cattle breeding season

Katie Allen

Kansas Ag Connection

April is here, and many cattle producers are likely thinking about the spring breeding season. One key factor is making sure the herd sire or sires are up to the task. Nora Schrag, veterinarian in Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, said a bull breeding soundness exam conducted by a veterinarian can be a valuable tool for producers.

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