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NCBA should take heed from the political parties

NCBA should take heed from the political parties

Troy Marshall

BEEF Magazine

The two political parties are being sent a pretty loud message from their bases. People are fed up, disappointed and want change. The Democrats, to their credit, are still focused solely on winning the election. They made sure there were no serious challengers to Hillary in the primaries, and even though Bernie has won more states than Hillary at this point, they had the foresight with their super delegate system to make sure that even if the unthinkable happened and Bernie won more delegates or received more votes than Hillary, she would still easily win the nomination.

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Selecting Replacement Heifers Based on Birthdate and Age of Dam

Selecting Replacement Heifers Based on Birthdate and Age of Dam

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

Two research studies at the University of Nebraska by Dr. Rick Funston, beef reproductive physiologist at the West Central Research and Extension Center, suggest that the key information needed to identify heifers most likely to be successful as replacements is known the day the heifers are born.

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Heavy Rains Make Spring Time Management Tricky

Heavy Rains Make Spring Time Management Tricky

Kim Mullenix

Cattle Today

Although we have had somewhat mild temperatures this winter compared to those in the last couple of years, the weather man got one thing right. .. it has rained a lot! Certainly we don’t want to complain about much needed moisture, but it can make our winter feeding situation a bit "muckier" than expected.

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Muddy Conditions Influence on Beef Cattle Performance

Muddy Conditions Influence on Beef Cattle Performance

Bill Halfman


As we move out of winter and into spring, prolonged periods of mud and moisture can significantly hinder cattle performance and profitability. Mud and deep manure problems can also be encountered inside buildings during the spring thaw and wet season if pens become dirtier and deeper in manure than is ideal.

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Baleage: An option in better haymaking

Baleage: An option in better haymaking

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

In Illinois, spring rains can make putting up dry hay very difficult. Last year, many producers struggled to get hay up without it getting rained on. This brings me to discuss baleage as an option for hay making.

It is easy to see the reasons why you should consider baleage. Making hay at higher moisture allows you to bale closer to cutting and shorten the window of dry weather needed to get hay up.

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When cash was king of the beef market

When cash was king of the beef market

Wes Ishmael


“The daily fed cattle market is characterized by spotty price quotes, small trade volume, few buyers and sellers, and concerns over the representativeness of publicly reported cash market prices.”

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AgriLife, Texas Beef Council form Ranch TV partnership

AgriLife, Texas Beef Council form Ranch TV partnership

Kevin Welch

Amarillo Globe News

A partnership has launched ranchtv.org for audiences from cattle producers to 4-Hers and high school agriculture students. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and the Texas Beef Council came together for the project that features more than 400 videos on cattle and meat production that are from two to six minutes long.

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Diversified, Yet Focused

Diversified, Yet Focused

Miranda Reiman

Angus Media

Cattlemen Bart Beattie and Dave Schledewitz don’t take many trips through the pasture together. With farming and swine-finishing enterprises in addition to his family’s 450-head cow herd, Beattie has plenty of different directions to go as he leaves the office each morning. That’s how Schledewitz earned the title of cow herd manager six years ago — he had the interest and ability to focus on the cows.

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Antibiotic Resistance is a Manageable Problem

Antibiotic Resistance is a Manageable Problem

Lancaster Farming

Antibiotic resistance will always be a challenge for beef farmers — but not an insurmountable one. People might assume that bacteria naturally have no defense against drugs, but “we know that antibiotic resistance is ancient,” said Lisa Durso, a research microbiologist with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.

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Certified Angus Beef licenses Russian beef

Certified Angus Beef licenses Russian beef

Susan Crowell

Farm and Dairy

The Certified Angus Beef  (CAB) brand began production and sales in Russia this spring, through licensed partner Miratorg Agribusiness Holding. According to CAB President John Stika, most of those cows are commercial purebred Angus, sourced mainly from the United States over the last eight years, and spurred by Russian loan subsidies aimed at building a modern food supply chain.

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