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Don’t let fence wire tie you down; you have choices

Don’t let fence wire tie you down; you have choices

Robert Fears

Progressive Cattlemen

Selecting fence wire was a simple task when I was a boy during World War II. Daddy went into the ranch supply store, asked for barbed wire or net wire, and took whatever the merchant had in inventory. All items containing steel were rationed, as were sugar, rubber and a lot of other commodities.

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The Most Important Grazing Management Strategy to Date

The Most Important Grazing Management Strategy to Date

Troy Bishopp

On Pasture

Andre Voisin developed the theory of rational grazing. Darrell Emmick gave us prescribed grazing. Jim Gerrish coined the phenomenon of management intensive grazing. Greg Judy sparked the practice of mob grazing and Allan Savory fathered the worldwide application of holistic planned grazing. So what will the Grass Whisperer’s legacy grazing system be in Wikipedia? I’ve come up with a term that is long over do: It’s called “Linger Grazing” or perhaps “Linger Farming Systems.”

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Better heifer breeding

Better heifer breeding

Joann Pipkin


John Barnhart knows time is money in today’s cattle business. That’s why the Vienna, Mo., cattleman values breeding technology like fixed-time artificial insemination (FTAI). “Fixed-time AI gives us the opportunity to get in there and breed a lot of females in a hurry,” Barnhart says. “And, the labor savings is tremendous. It’s one of those things where we can go in and literally be done [breeding] in about two days.”

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Cow, meet your environment

Cow, meet your environment

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Beef producers have seen trends in cattle type come and go, from the short and fat dwarf cattle of the 1950s to excessively large-framed giants of the 1970s and 80s. Since the 1990s, cow sizes have become more moderate, but Oklahoma State University animal scientist Dave Lalman, PhD, says many producers still are not selecting for cows that match their environments, meaning lost efficiencies and higher-than-necessary production costs.

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Website Could Help Beef Producers Improve Marketing Decisions

Website Could Help Beef Producers Improve Marketing Decisions

Oklahoma Farm Report

Because strategically marketing cattle could mean a vast difference between profit and loss these days, decision support tools like BeefBasis.com are especially helpful in managing that risk. The site offers comprehensive market data, various calculators and forecaster tools.

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Are you leaving money on the table?

Are you leaving money on the table?

Gayle Smith

The Cattle Business Weekly

As ranchers deal with lower cattle prices and higher input costs, they have the potential of making an additional $30 to $50 a head at weaning by implanting their baby calves. According to University of Nebraska Extension Cow/Calf Specialist Karla Jenkins, recent research has shown that implanting does not impact a weaned calf’s value.

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Measured Grazing Pays Off

Measured Grazing Pays Off

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

James Strickland might have wanted to take some time off after he retired from his day job in 2010, but his neighbor had other ideas. "A day or two after I retired, he showed up at my house and told me it was time to get my pastures ready," said the Chipley, Fla., producer. Strickland didn’t put up too much of a fuss.

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Red Angus Tag Program Breaks Sales Records

Red Angus Tag Program Breaks Sales Records

The Stock Exchange

The oldest USDA Process Verified Program in existence, the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program, which cattlemen have come to recognize quickly with the distinctive yellow tag that denotes Red Angus-genetic feeder calves, is setting new sales records.

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Would You Eat Cloned Beef? Cattle Mass Cloning Underway In China

Would You Eat Cloned Beef? Cattle Mass Cloning Underway In China

Shaurya Arya

Morning News USA

The facility, located in the northern port of Tianjin and expected to open by the end of this year, will mass clone and produce as many as one million cows per year by 2020. In addition to cattle, the factory will also direct their efforts in cloning genetically engineering police dogs, pets and racehorses.

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5 Reasons Agriculture is Among Hottest Growing Industries

5 Reasons Agriculture is Among Hottest Growing Industries

Jeffrey Simmons


Everyone talks about IT, energy and health care as the growing industries of the future, but agriculture should be on that list, too! This is an exciting time to be in #MyIndustry of agriculture. Here are 5 reasons why I think big opportunities await you in this often overlooked industry.

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