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High Quality Forage May Look Like Weeds

High Quality Forage May Look Like Weeds

Clay Coppedge

DTN/Progressive Farmer

No matter how good the forage program, every operation has, at times, had to think outside of the box to feed the herd. Maybe it was drought or a poor production season that caused it, but there are times the traditional grasses like bermuda, fescue or alfalfa don’t stand up to the test.

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Knowing What you Have to Decide What Do You Need

Knowing What you Have to Decide What Do You Need

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

Water Evaluation

Of all the nutrients, water is the most important and often the most taken for granted. It is the most abundant component in all living organisms with the body of the typical adult mammal composed of about 60 percent water. Its importance is emphasized in that of all the nutrients, water is needed on the most regular basis and in the highest volume.

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Are You Smarter Than a Cow?

Are You Smarter Than a Cow?

Forrest Pritchard

On Pasture

Test yourself with this Free-Range IQ Test. My cows know the answers to the following questions.  Do you?

#1)  When grazing a field, should it be left ragged, messy and trampled, or grazed evenly, like a freshly mowed lawn?

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Trace minerals and reproduction

Trace minerals and reproduction

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Mineral status plays an important role in cattle fertility, and using an injectable mineral product could provide more consistency than dietary supplements alone. During the recent Academy of Veterinary Consultants (AVC) conference in Dallas, Kanas State University veterinarian K.C. Olson, DVM, PhD, outlined research showing effects of injectable minerals on fertility of cows and developing bulls.

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NCBA’s Craig Uden Says Trans Pacific Partnership is Crucial to U.S. Beef Industry

NCBA’s Craig Uden Says Trans Pacific Partnership is Crucial to U.S. Beef Industry

Oklahoma Farm Report

While it is unlikely Congress will ratify the Trans Pacific Partnership this calendar year, Craig Uden, president elect of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, says the trade agreement remains at the forefront of his mind.

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7 things to put on your breeding season prep checklist

7 things to put on your breeding season prep checklist

Amanda Radke


As many producers wrap up calving season, it’s time to switch gears and start thinking about next year’s calf crop. As breeding season draws near, make sure to check these seven things off your to-do list.

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Group drops checkoff-related suit against MDA

Group drops checkoff-related suit against MDA

Tom Steever

Brownfield Network

The Missouri Rural Crisis Center has dismissed its lawsuit against the Missouri Department of Agriculture about the referendum on whether a new state beef checkoff should be put in place. A news release from that organization says the suit is dismissed without prejudice with plans to refile after the referendum takes place.

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