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How You Can Help Livestock Producers Affected by Wildfire in Kansas and Oklahoma

How You Can Help Livestock Producers Affected by Wildfire in Kansas and Oklahoma


A wildfire set 400,000 acres of pasture and farmland on fire earlier this week in Kansas and Oklahoma, and the fire still rages. Efforts are underway by industry groups to assist those livestock producers who are in need of help after the devastating Anderson Creek Fire.

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The Top 10 signs spring planting can’t be far off

The Top 10 signs spring planting can’t be far off

Mark Parker


10. The over-achiever down the road has his planter power-washed, calibrated, hooked-up and pointed toward the first field.

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Rethinking strategic deworming in beef cattle

Rethinking strategic deworming in beef cattle

Dr. Ron Clarke

Canadian Cattleman

Concepts around deworming the beef cow have moved from “not necessary” to “routine” in many progressive cow-calf operations. The evolution of internal parasite control as an integral component of health management shadowed development of highly effective chemical families that revolutionized parasite control.

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Beef demand vs. beef consumption: What’s the difference?

Beef demand vs. beef consumption: What’s the difference?

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

Industry At A Glance recently highlighted annual per-capita protein spending trends from 1990 through 2015. What that analysis showed is that beef spending was flat between 1990 and 1998 (when beef demand bottomed out). However, since that time, the beef industry has captured new spending at a faster clip than pork or poultry.

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Parasitic threats to grazing cattle

Parasitic threats to grazing cattle

Mark Dorenkamp

Brownfield Network

An animal health expert is warning producers turning cattle to pasture that parasites from the grass can cause economic harm. Dr. Harold Newcomb with Merck Animal Health says for grazing livestock, there’s really no avoiding the problem.

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Five Minutes with Kendal Frazier, The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s semi-new CEO

Five Minutes with Kendal Frazier, The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s semi-new CEO

Chuck Jolley


Last fall, when Forrest Roberts went looking for greener pastures, The NCBA tapped Kendal Frazier, their COO, to temporarily hold the CEO reins.  They wanted lots of time to survey the land for just the right person.  A lot of observers said, “OMG! The perfect guy for the position is the guy who has the position!”

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Mini Herefords at Life and Science’s Farmyard

Mini Herefords at Life and Science’s Farmyard

Sarah Lindenfeld Hall


Dallas and Dusty, the newest inhabitants at the Museum of Life and Science’s Farmyard, might be "miniature" in name, but there’s nothing tiny about them. At about 600 pounds each, the Miniature Hereford bulls are just about full grown.

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Animal ag feeding U.S. economy

Animal ag feeding U.S. economy

Jacqui Fatka


Animal agriculture plays a vital role in the economy and also faces numerous challenges in years to come. Its impact has far-reaching effects on economies at both the national and state levels, according to a new soy checkoff-funded study.

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What does my hay really cost?

What does my hay really cost?

Woody Lane

Progressive Forage Grower

Each summer, nearly every farmer spends weeks making hay or silage and then during the rest of the year either feeds it to animals or sells it to willing buyers. On the other hand, we all know of farms that have worn-out hay fields of low fertility, fields that need renovation with lots of fertilizer and seed to return to good production. This is a relationship that needs adjusting. Let’s talk.

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Grass-fed market — and claims – grow

Grass-fed market — and claims – grow

Lynn Grooms


“We’re all impacted by the U.S. beef industry, even if we sell beef direct,” said Allen Williams to attendees of the recent Grass-Fed Beef Success Workshop in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Williams is the founder and president of Livestock Management Consultants LLC, based in Starkville, Mississippi. He discussed the cattle market overall as well as growth of the grass-fed beef sector.

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