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Tube Feeding Colostrum – an Essential Skill for All Producers

Tube Feeding Colostrum – an Essential Skill for All Producers

Michelle Arnold

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

“Failure of passive transfer” of immunity occurs when a calf does not absorb enough good quality immunoglobulin before closure of the intestine that occurs at approximately 24 hours after birth. This failure leads to increased calf sickness and death. If the calf survives, it will have a slower growth rate and use feed less efficiently. It is estimated that of the calf deaths occurring in the first 3 weeks of life, approximately a third are due to inadequate colostrum intake.

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What to know about calving cows out on corn stalks

What to know about calving cows out on corn stalks

The Cattle Business Weekly

Calving season is getting underway and many producers choose to calve out on cornstalk fields. Residue fields can be a good place to maintain cowherds until cool season grasses are available but often times, calving occurs during February and March to avoid the busy farming responsibilities later in the spring. Lactation begins while the cows are on low quality forage (50% total digestible nutrients or TDN) and supplying 2-2.5 lb of a 20% crude protein supplement will only provide the cow with about 13 lb of TDN per day.

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BIF Announces June Program

BIF Announces June Program

Angus Beef Bulletin

Preparations are being finalized for the 2016 Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Annual Meeting and Research Symposium themed “Progress on the Prairie.” The annual event will be hosted June 14-17 in Manhattan, Kan., and headquartered at the new Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center.

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Long-term impacts of estrus synchronization and artificial insemination

Long-term impacts of estrus synchronization and artificial insemination

Cliff Lamb


Estrous synchronization (ES) and artificial insemination (AI) are reproductive management tools that have been available to beef producers for over 50 years.  Synchronization of the estrous cycle has the potential to shorten the calving season, increase calf uniformity, and enhance the possibilities for utilizing AI.

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2016 presidential candidates have little awareness of farming and ranching issues

2016 presidential candidates have little awareness of farming and ranching issues

Progressive Cattleman

Most Progressive Cattleman readers believe that the 2016 presidential candidates have little awareness of farming and ranching issues. In a recent online poll, Progressive Cattleman asked, “How would you rate 2016 presidential candidates’ awareness of farming and ranching issues?”

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Avoiding more of a bad fescue thing

Avoiding more of a bad fescue thing

Hay And Forage Growwer

It’s a basic axiom of forage production: Fertilize grass with nitrogen. Another more widespread axiom: There are exceptions to every rule.

“If a livestock producer calls me in the spring to ask how much nitrogen they should apply to their tall fescue pasture or hayfield, I return the question and ask what kind of fescue they have,” says Craig Roberts, extension forage specialist at the University of Missouri.

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Breaking the Pasture-Parasite Cycle

Breaking the Pasture-Parasite Cycle

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Cattlemen across the South are generally blessed with the kind of weather that keeps pastures productive well into the winter months. It’s an enviable advantage but one that poses a serious challenge when it comes to parasite control.

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Profit suckers

Profit suckers

Laura Mushrush


While there hasn’t been any recent academic institution research on the economic impact of parasites in cattle, a 2007 study, “Economic Analysis of Pharmaceutical Technologies in Modern Beef Production,” by researchers at Iowa State University, found deworming to be one of the most beneficial technologies available to beef producers.

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Cattle 529 Plan for Funding College

Cattle 529 Plan for Funding College

Doug Ferguson

On Pasture

Ever since I was a little kid all I wanted to do was farm and raise cattle.  Everything seemed so simple back then.  Just grow up and do what you want to.  We all had that dream.  When you get older, and especially when you have a kid, things get real.

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Comparing Weaning Dates for Fall Calving Cows

Comparing Weaning Dates for Fall Calving Cows

The Stock Exchange

Cow calf producers with fall-calving cows have options as to the optimum date to wean the calves.  Traditionally fall-born calves are weaned at an older age than spring-born calves.

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