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The Science Behind Cattle Ranches

The Science Behind Cattle Ranches

A cattle ranch is a business and should be treated as such. Many who want to start raising cattle probably have had the romantic visions of cowboys riding the range and herding cattle all sunny day and would love to be ones to do that on their own ranch. If only they knew they could do that simply by visiting a dude ranch on their summer vacations! Sitting in the saddle watching or herding cows all day doesn’t earn you much money either.

Economics of Pregnancy Testing Beef Cattle

Economics of Pregnancy Testing Beef Cattle

Neil Billinger


More cattle producers are including pregnancy checking as part of their management strategy, but a recent survey puts the number at only 60 per cent.

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Plan, Prepare Now for Spring and Summer Grazing

Plan, Prepare Now for Spring and Summer Grazing


After a long winter, fences and pastures may be a little worn for the wear. Taking steps now to plan and prepare for the upcoming grazing season will give producers an advantage going into spring. To get fencing and pastures up to par, Gallagher Territory Manager Owen White suggests some tips for pasture managers to get a plan in place.

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Understanding fetal programming in cattle

Understanding fetal programming in cattle

Cliff Lamb


Fetal programming is a term that many producers may have heard of in recent years, but may not have understood the concept. The concept of fetal programming, also known as developmental programming, was first introduced in humans and referred to as “the Barker hypothesis.”

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Nobody Uses Steak Sauce Anymore, Here’s Why

Nobody Uses Steak Sauce Anymore, Here’s Why

Dan Gentile

Huffington Post

Although it used to be a staple of any steakhouse table, these days steak sauce is like a condiment hybrid between a T-Rex and the type of bull that hangs out in China shops. It’s nearly extinct, but when it does make an appearance, it destroys everything in its path.

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Fort Smith businessman, cattle rancher David McMahon has died

Fort Smith businessman, cattle rancher David McMahon has died

Michael Tilley

Talk Business

Fort Smith businessman, cattle rancher and quiet philanthropist David McMahon has died. He was 84, and would have been 85 on Saturday (March 26). McMahon, along with wife Mary Ann, owned and operated Belle Point Beverages, a Budweiser distributorship located in downtown Fort Smith, and Belle Point Ranch near Lavaca.

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Beef producers can’t swallow linking of red meat, cancer

Beef producers can’t swallow linking of red meat, cancer

Hastings Herald

The WHO’s announcement could have been detrimental to beef producers like the Karrs,but in the end there seemed to be little to no fallout, save for a bevy of initial media attention. “I feel like it’s fairly frequent that there’s something in the news about food issues,” said Karr, who blogs about farming for CommonGround Nebraska and at realfarmwifeonthecountyline.com.

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Nutritional challenges of spring-calving cows

Nutritional challenges of spring-calving cows

Robert Bourne

Durant Democrat

Late winter and early spring is the most challenging time of the year for the nutrition of the spring-calving beef cows. Unless cool season grasses are available, this is a season where maintaining or gaining body condition on spring calving cows is really quite difficult. Warm season grasses have not yet begun to grow.

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Central Beef plant laying off 214 workers

Central Beef plant laying off 214 workers

Daily Commercial

Central Beef, the largest beef packing facility in Florida and the city’s largest employer, is closing its doors. The company filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notice (WARN) with the state on March 18. The notice stated that 214 workers – apparently the company’s entire workforce – will be laid off through May 31.

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Alan Newport Joins Penton Agriculture’s Beef Content Team

Alan Newport Joins Penton Agriculture’s Beef Content Team


Penton Agriculture, the nation’s most powerful ag information network, announces the addition of veteran beef industry journalist Alan Newport to its beef content team to lead content direction for Beef Producer and BEEF Vet.  Newport’s extensive beef industry experience includes most recently as Editor of Drovers, Drovers CattleNetwork and Drovers Cow-Calf.

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