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BeefTalk: Labor, Facilities and Equipment are Big Beef Expenses

BeefTalk: Labor, Facilities and Equipment are Big Beef Expenses

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Do you want to invest in labor, facilities and equipment to deliver the feed? The answer to this question should determine the bull turnout date, which sets the date when the third trimester of pregnancy starts, which determines the calving date. The third trimester and subsequent calving marks the most nutritionally demanding period in the annual cycle of meeting the needs of the cow.

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BQA: Creating a Culture

BQA:  Creating a Culture

Kasey Brown

Angus Journal

In an industry that values tradition, there is certainly a place for progressive thinking and continual improvement in all areas of the cattle community. The national Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program’s goal is to raise consumer confidence

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Time your calfhood vaccination program for best results

Time your calfhood vaccination program for best results

Heather Smith Thomas

Although research shows vaccinating calves early, even as young as 3-4 weeks old, has health benefits, most western ranchers give calfhood vaccinations at branding. “When vaccinating calves at this age, the goal is often just to prepare them for whatever they will encounter at weaning time,” says Chris Chase, a veterinarian in the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at South Dakota State University.

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Composting disposal for both confined, pastured cattle

Composting disposal for both confined, pastured cattle

Amy Millmier Schmidt

Progressive Cattleman

Mortalities are an unfortunate reality for both confined and pastured livestock operations.  Whether they’re caused by disease or natural disaster, losses can occur, and these mortalities must be managed responsibly to protect the environment and the health of other animals.

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Spring “To Do” List for Grass Managers

Spring “To Do” List for Grass Managers

Michael Harman

On Pasture

As winter loosens its surly grip and dreams of spring abound, it’s a good time to remind yourself how important it is to actively managing your grass and forage resources.

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Understanding Consumers Helps Cattle Producers React to Trends in Food Business

Understanding Consumers Helps Cattle Producers React to Trends in Food Business

Oklahoma Farm Report

Everyday consumers’eating behaviors are evolving and those behaviors create trends that the food business has to consider and respond to. This was a topic that was covered by the founder and CEO of Encore Food Solutions, Paul Heinrich, at the 2016 Cattlemen’s Day hosted recently by Kansas State University.

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Improving animal antibiotic stewardship from a teen perspective

Improving animal antibiotic stewardship from a teen perspective

Julie Thelen

Michigan State University

There has been a great deal of discussion about antibiotic use in animal production, and the truth is, we are just at the beginning of the conversation.

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Does calving season equal culling season?

Does calving season equal culling season?

The Cattle Business Weekly

Calving season is one of the most exciting, frustrating and tiring seasons of the year for many cattlemen, explained Heather Gessner, SDSU Extension Livestock Business Management Field Specialist. “This is a time when the only thing that compares to watching a newborn calf struggle to its feet is the sound of it nursing its dam for the first time,” Gessner said.

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New insights on digital dermatitis

New insights on digital dermatitis

Fred Love


Bovine digital dermatitis, a disease that appears as painful lesions on the heel of a cow’s hoof, has caused difficulty for the U.S. dairy industry for decades and has become a growing concern for beef producers as well, said Paul Plummer, DVM, ACVIM, an assistant professor of veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine.

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Charolais Breeder, Rainbow Farm owner David Douglas Passes

Charolais Breeder, Rainbow Farm owner David Douglas Passes

MV Times

He began his professional career at the New York Stock Exchange and later ran his own architecture business. Both were exciting adventures, but not his passion. His passion was farming, which he did for several years in Essex, Mass., raising Charolais beef cattle. He conceived a plan to move to Martha’s Vineyard, design his own home, and become a Vineyard farmer. Being David, that’s what he did.

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