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Steps to Herd Bull purchasing success

Steps to Herd Bull purchasing success

The Beef RoundTable

The Spring Bull Buying season is just around the corner and it’s time for cow-calf producers to begin thinking about which bulls will move their operation to the next level of success.

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Turnout Tips

Turnout Tips

Shelby Mettlen

Angus Journal

Overall health and soundness are key factors in determining if your bulls are ready to head to the breeding pasture this year.

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Dan Darling heads up the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Dan Darling heads up the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Debbie Furber

Canadian Cattlemen

To be known in beef industry circles as Dan Darling, vice-president and now president of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA), is a privilege, Darling acknowledges. To be known in his hometown area around Castleton, Ont., and at cattle shows as Dan Darling, dad of Carolyn, Julie and Margaret, is an honour.

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Your future is branded

Your future is branded

Greg Henderson


Overall meat department sales have increased 2.5% since the recession that began in 2008, a growth rate the grocery industry says outpaces many other departments. That’s good news if you are a livestock producer, but there’s more to learn about how rapidly changing shopping habits will influence your business in the future.

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The impact of longer feeding periods on feed efficiency

The impact of longer feeding periods on feed efficiency

Larry Corah

Agri View

In the beef community these days, we hear a lot about rapid herd rebuilding, why the 2014 cattle prices couldn’t last, and of course higher weights and quality grades from more days on feed. Less talked about is the impact of longer feeding periods on feed efficiency – or as measured by feed-yard managers, cost of gain. It seems logical from what we learned in our nutrition classes that we lose efficiency as cattle are fed longer, to fatter compositional end points.

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Unfortunate Realities: Disposal of mortalities

Unfortunate Realities: Disposal of mortalities

Dan Thomson

Bovine Veterinarian

If you raise livestock, at some point you’re going to have to deal with mortality. But a dead animal on a modern livestock operation can dramatically affect your image in the community if not properly handled. In extreme cases, improperly handled dead animals can hurt everyone’s image.

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The Masters in Beef Advocacy Program Helps Beef Producers Take Advocacy Onto Social Media Platforms- Old and New

The Masters in Beef Advocacy Program Helps Beef Producers Take Advocacy Onto Social Media Platforms- Old and New

Oklahoma Farm Report

We continue our conversation with Daren Williams about the Masters in Beef Advocacy Program in this latest Beef Buzz- and Daren says that the MBA program strives to stay current with the social media platforms that consumers are migrating to- and that includes newer platforms like Snapchat and Periscope- complimenting the more established social media platforms Facebook and Twitter that many MBA graduates use with great success.

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Jordan Muxfeldt, Iowa Limousin Breeder, Passes

Jordan Muxfeldt, Iowa Limousin Breeder, Passes

Jordan Linn (Straight) Muxfeldt was born May 5, 1988, to Jay and Lori (Pond) Straight in Missouri Valley, Iowa. She attended school in Logan and graduated from Logan-Magnolia High School in 2006. She served on the National Limousin Committee. This committee helped to line up shows and judges. She was elected as the National Herdsman of the Year in 2014 at the Denver Stock Show. She won Senior Showmanship at the National Junior Heifer Show.

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Drama in the Beef Market

Drama in the Beef Market


Uncertainty in the feed cattle market has had many beef cattlemen anxious for what the future might hold. A report from Certified Angus Beef and the American Angus Association analyzes grading trends for 2015 and their implications for cattle producers in the months ahead.

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Growth promotants in cattle can impact beef tenderness

Growth promotants in cattle can impact beef tenderness

Jeff Melchior

Alberta Farmer Express

The longer cattle are exposed to steroids and other growth promotants before slaughter, the more likely its beef will pay a penalty in terms of tenderness, said a researcher from the University of Alberta.

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