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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farmer tax deductions

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farmer tax deductions


10. Claim the stock dog as a full-time employee, with deductions for housing, meals and entertainment (which means you can deduct dead chickens twice).

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Livestock Well-Being at Auction Markets

Livestock Well-Being at Auction Markets

Heidi Carroll


Livestock markets are just one of the links in our food supply chain between the farm/ranch gate and the consumer’s table. Livestock auction barns, like livestock producers, face both challenges and opportunities to improve animal well-being. During the December 2nd Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, Kristen Parman, Vice President of Membership Services for Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) shared some of the challenges auction markets face to improve animal care.

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Monitoring Nutrient Status of Cows

Monitoring Nutrient Status of Cows

South Dakota Ag Connection

Managing cows through the winter presents unique challenges – especially when snow covers most of South Dakota, explained Adele Harty, SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist.  "Cows oftentimes receive supplemental feed to meet their nutrient requirements during late gestation and into calving season because forage available for grazing is limited," Harty said.

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Attention on Anaplasmosis

Attention on Anaplasmosis

Clay Coppedge

DTN/Progressive Farmer

Last year, cattle producers learned again that anaplasmosis is a disease that can kill cattle. Cases of the blood disease spiked in areas where it had been a low-level concern and appeared in parts of the country where veterinarians hadn’t seen it for years.

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Can sweet forages and afternoon cuttings pay?

Can sweet forages and afternoon cuttings pay?

Robert Berthiaume, Laurence Robert, Édith Charbonneau, Gaëtan Tremblay, Gilles Bélanger and Isabelle Breune

Progressive Forage Grower

The economic interest in enhancing the utilization of forage crops for dairy production has already been well demonstrated. Based on a number of research projects, a new practice in forage management is now available, i.e., the production and use of forage high in sugar content obtained through late-afternoon cutting and wide swathing.

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Clemson Extension announces 2016 Cattlemen’s Boot Camp

Clemson Extension announces 2016 Cattlemen’s Boot Camp

Denise Attaway

The Newstand

Farmers who want to learn a systems approach to beef cattle production should attend Clemson University Extension’s 2016 Cattlemen’s Boot Camp.

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Make Every Day Sale Day

Make Every Day Sale Day

Jena McRell

Angus Media

Energy is high during sale season. Whether you are looking for that next herd sire or selling a group of females, there’s nothing quite like sale day. You’ve studied the sale book, made your predictions and anxiously await the final bids.

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Grassroots Grazing of Cover Crops Session Set for Mount Pleasant

Grassroots Grazing of Cover Crops Session Set for Mount Pleasant

Iowa Beef Center

Producers across the state are embracing Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy, and a concerted effort to use cover crops as a method of conservation and protection of soil and water resources is underway. Practical Farmers of Iowa, Iowa Learning Farms and the Iowa Beef Center are teaming up to share information on adding cover crops to annual forage plans for livestock during an April 14 meeting in Mount Pleasant.

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Vaccine handling and administration

Vaccine handling and administration

Agri View

“Unforgettable,” croons Nat King Cole, “… that’s what you are. Unforgettable, though near or far.” The lyrics of the classic song make being “unforgettable” sound like a good thing. There are unforgettable groups of cattle that gain and grade. They never become sick and earn premiums upon harvest.

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MBA- the Continuing Strategy to Engage the Consumer in Conversations About Beef

MBA- the Continuing Strategy to Engage the Consumer in Conversations About Beef

Oklahoma Farm Report

The Masters in Beef Advocacy Program sprang from a need that beef industry leaders saw- the need to help cattle producers have the tools to be able to talk with consumers about today’s Beef Industry.

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