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BeefTalk: Where are the Breeding Systems?

BeefTalk: Where are the Breeding Systems?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The underlying feel to many discussions today is that cattle are too big. The question often is embedded in other thoughts, such as management, nutrition, reproduction, health or just plain producer ramblings. The question is often vague because data is generally lacking.

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How to stop the most preventable nutritional disease in cattle

How to stop the most preventable nutritional disease in cattle

Paul Beck and Melissa Beck

Progressive Cattleman

Imagine a disease that creates a paralyzing fear in cattle producers, preventing them from utilizing all the forage options available to them. Pasture bloat, also known as frothy bloat, is that disease and is one of the most preventable nutritional diseases in cattle.

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2016 Cow-Calf Production Shows Less Profitability

2016 Cow-Calf Production Shows Less Profitability

Roger Wilson

University of Nebraska

In 2015 the University of Nebraska Agricultural Economics Department formulated four cow-calf budgets. The Sandhills cow/calf producer budget is for a herd of 500 cows and the data is from a panel of producers in Cherry County. The remaining three budgets are the 50-cow herd located in the panhandle of the state, and 300- and 750-head cow herd systems generally located in and around Custer County.

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R-CALF CEO delves into recent drop in beef prices, future proposals that could affect industry

R-CALF CEO delves into recent drop in beef prices, future proposals that could affect industry

Trevor McDonald

Hannibal Courier-Post

n 2015, U.S. beef prices rose to the highest level in history. By the middle of the year, prices plummeted at an unprecedented rate. Bill Bullard, CEO for Ranchers-Cattlemen Legal Fund (R-CALF) — a group that represents individual cattle farmers and ranchers — said the group requested an investigation with the Senate Judiciary Committee into the decline in beef prices, productivity and herd sizes.

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A day in the life of an Iowa farm dog

A day in the life of an Iowa farm dog

Morning Ag Clips

His name was Grouch.  He was a German Shepherd dog: black, broad and taller than most, with a white blaze on his chest.  My dad always claimed Grouch was ‘part wolf,’ mostly because it kept salesmen within earshot off our farm.

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Indiana Forage Council meeting spotlights low-lignin alfalfa, annual forage for livestock

Indiana Forage Council meeting spotlights low-lignin alfalfa, annual forage for livestock

Cheri Frederick

Ag Answers

The Indiana Forage Council will hold its annual meeting and seminar March 7 in Columbia City, offering livestock producers the opportunity to learn how to improve their forage-livestock business.

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Make 2016 the Year of the Customer

Make 2016 the Year of the Customer

Tom Field

Angus Journal

The last quarter of 2015 has seen a significant market correction for feeder calves as cattle feeders struggle to find margins. A strengthening dollar will press the brake on exports, and retail prices are testing the limit of consumer willingness to purchase higher quantities of beef.

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Calving barn video technology

Calving barn video technology

Taylor Grussing


Labor is one of the most valuable resources on the ranch, and producers often try to utilize their time wisely to decrease hours spent on a project. Producers can potentially decease time spent in certain areas of the ranch with the use of modern video technology thus allowing them to multitask.

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SD house committee considers COOL legislation

SD house committee considers COOL legislation

Tri State Livestock News

The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association testified in support of House Bill 1228 in front of South Dakota’s House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources. The bill would have created a requirement that grocery stores within the State of South Dakota label beef as to its country of origin if the information is available to them.

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