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Baxter Black, DVM: Dog Emotions

Baxter Black, DVM:  Dog Emotions

It is my observation that dogs feel certain basic emotions like affection, fear, confusion or joy. I’m not sure they’re capable of feeling sadness or jealousy or if they can get their feelings hurt.

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Accuracy of EPDs Soaring Higher- Powered by Beef Genomics

Accuracy of EPDs Soaring Higher- Powered by Beef Genomics

Oklahoma Farm Report

Beef Genomics offers EPD information to today’s cattle producer with more accuracy than we have ever seen- so says Ryan Ruppert with the American Angus Association.

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Parasitologist Lets His Cattle Deworm Themselves

Parasitologist Lets His Cattle Deworm Themselves

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Gil Myers doesn’t like to use the term "worms" when he talks about those common internal parasites that affect cattle. He said the word doesn’t convey the true economic importance of the parasites.

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Maximize your mineral program by analyzing mineral needs

Maximize your mineral program by analyzing mineral needs

Kent Tjardes

Hereford World

Cattle nutrient requirements can vary by season and stage of production —and now is a great time to evaluate your mineral program and map out a plan to maximize effects in the new year.

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Cattle operation grows to involve children

Cattle operation grows to involve children

Jeff Deyoung

Iowa Farmer Today

Larry Johnson farms a mile from where he was raised and where he developed his love of the cattle industry. “Working with cattle is just something I’ve always enjoyed,” he says. “My folks still live on the home place where I got started.” Johnson, who farms near here in Jackson County, was recently named Commercial Producer of the Year by the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association.

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Use Genetic Predictors Carefully for Herd Rebuilding

Use Genetic Predictors Carefully for Herd Rebuilding

Katie Allen and Connor Orrock

Ag Web

With cow herd rebuilding still in progress in the United States, K-State Research and Extension cow-calf specialist Bob Weaber offers advice on selecting herd sires to make the most valuable replacement daughters.

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Assisting the backwards calf

Assisting the backwards calf

Glenn Selk

Feedlot Magazine

Any cow calf producer that has spent several years in the cattle business has had the experience of assisting a cow or heifer deliver a calf that was coming backwards.  Understanding the physiology and anatomy of the calf and mother will improve the likelihood of a successful outcome. 

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How to Prepare Your Animals to Work With You

How to Prepare Your Animals to Work With You

Whit Hibbard

On Pasture

In the last four articles I reviewed the first four of five requisite elements of low-stress livestock handling—mindset, attitude, reading, and working animals. In this article we will look at the fifth, and last, element—preparing animals. Metaphorically, each of these elements is a layer of the foundation of the low-stress livestock handling house that we are building.

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Start Them Off Right

Start Them Off Right

Nicole Lane

Angus Beef Bulletin

Healthy cows raise healthy calves, a key driver in profitability for ranchers. Kevin Hill, veterinarian for Merck Animal Health, said he realizes there are things at the ranch with bigger dollar signs behind them than health, but unhealthy animals can put ranchers out of business.

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2016 beef enterprise cost outlook: Bred heifers

2016 beef enterprise cost outlook: Bred heifers

Harlan Hughes


Our current beef price whirlwind is not only impacting feeder cattle and slaughter cattle prices, it is also dramatically impacting the cost to develop replacement heifers. Heifers born in the spring of 2014 and developed and bred in 2015 are probably going to hold the record for all-time high costs for years to come.

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