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Fat plays multiple roles in beef cattle production

Fat plays multiple roles in beef cattle production

Christin Herbst

The News Democrat

Is fat a bad word?  Not necessarily.  Simply put, fat is just the body’s storage form for energy.

If an animal consumes more energy than it uses, their body will store the excess calories as fat—like money in the bank they can use in an energy shortage (think cows calving in late winter).  Fat imparts flavor to food (like a T-bone steak) but it also adds calories.  Managing fat can be a delicate issue in the cattle business.

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Planning to add value

Planning to add value

Miranda Reiman

Southern Livestock

Adding value to cattle doesn’t have to mean added paperwork and special programs. Sometimes it’s as simple as producing exactly what the market says it wants. Darr Feedlot, near Cozad, Neb., aims for a specific target: a safe, humanely handled, upper two-thirds Choice, yield grade (YG) 2 carcass.

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Why Does Wet Weather Cause More Foot Rot?

Why Does Wet Weather Cause More Foot Rot?

Beef Producer

Foot rot is caused by anaerobic bacteria that cannot penetrate intact healthy hoof tissue. However, when cattle continually stand in water and mud, their hooves soften, just like your fingernails after a long bath.

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What is Your Plan B?

What is Your Plan B?

Don Ashford

On Pasture

All of us try to have some kind of plan that will make some sense of what we are doing. There are discussions of paddock size, stocking rates and density and all of the rest of it. But in the event that all of it, for whatever the reason, goes bad, what is our Plan B?

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Good nutrition vital for pregnant cows

Good nutrition vital for pregnant cows

Farm and Ranch Guide

Decisions a cattle producer makes about pregnant cow nutrition now can have major impacts on calf health in the spring and cow fertility during the next breeding season.

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Economically Relevant Traits and Selection Indices

Economically Relevant Traits and Selection Indices

Matt Spangler

University of Nebraska

Sire selection does not need to be overwhelming or complex. Centuries of work by geneticists and statisticians have allowed for the development of tools that help producers make decisions relative to the next bull you purchase; do not ignore them.

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A look at the ‘growing’ cow herd.

A look at the ‘growing’ cow herd.

Justin Sexten

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

We’ve seen a declining inventory of beef cows since the 1970s, with a couple of partial recoveries. Now that a fairly steady 20-year decline hit bottom a year ago, we have to wonder how many cows our market and resources can sustain.

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Learn How Dogs Can Help You Tackle Your Weeds

Learn How Dogs Can Help You Tackle Your Weeds

Sonja Begemann


Tucked into his home office, Jim Peters sits with one dog at his feet and two others close by. What started as a simple love for dogs turned into an opportunity to make a career working with them.

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Perry Vance Passes, Cattle Stockman Par Excellence

Perry Vance Passes, Cattle Stockman Par Excellence

Editors Note: Perry was a long time find and one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated stockman that your editor has had the privilege to know.

William Perry Vance, 69, of Charlotte, died peacefully at home surrounded by his family on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. Perry was born October 5, 1946 in Bedford, PA, the son of the late Edgar and Lena (Miller) Vance. He graduated from Bedford High School before enlisting in the U.S. Army. Perry was passionate about the livestock industry. He was known throughout the country as a legend, having ridden in boxcars with cattle across the U.S. and across the ocean on cargo ships.

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Subcommittee examines FMD response ability

Subcommittee examines FMD response ability

Bovine Veterinarian

On Thursday, Feb. 11, Rep. David Rouzer (NC-7), Chairman of the House Agriculture Livestock and Foreign Agriculture Subcommittee, held a hearing to examine the preparedness of the United States in the event of the introduction of foot and mouth disease (FMD) into the country.

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