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Are you ready for calving season? Beef Roundtable gives tips for success

Are you ready for calving season? Beef Roundtable gives tips for success

Beef RoundTable

Calving season is upon us, and getting ready for this year’s calf crop takes careful planning. The Beef Roundtable brings you a three-part broadcast on how to plan and have a successful calving season, as well as some post-calving considerations.

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Henry Bergfeld found life’s passion with Angus cattle

Henry Bergfeld found life’s passion with Angus cattle

Chris Kick

Farm and Dairy

As a boy, Henry Bergfeld grew up around sheep. His family raised sheep on their Westmoreland County farm in southwestern Pennsylvania, and so did many of the local farmers. In fact, one of his first jobs was shearing sheep, and he traveled to various farms in the area, offering to shear sheep for a few bucks. But he found his real passion in the beef barn at the county fair: Black Angus.

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Realizing potential in the cattle industry

Realizing potential in the cattle industry

Justin Sexten

High Plains Journal

In a beef production system, cattle potential is estimated, partially realized and priced at several points along the supply chain. Breeding and management decisions greatly influence the potential and whether it is realized. Ultimately, the ability to satisfy consumers is the potential required by all cattle and best summarized as “taste.”

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How to prevent cattle lameness

How to prevent cattle lameness

Diana Normand


Cattle lameness is an issue with both dairy and beef cattle. Dr. Heather Schlesser, the Marathon County Dairy Agent, stopped by NewsChannel 7 at Noon Friday with some advice on how to prevent it.

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Roughage reduces abscesses, but is it cost effective?

Roughage reduces abscesses, but is it cost effective?

Western Producer

Liver abscesses negatively affect profitability at the individual animal level, but an Alberta veterinarian says there can be a surprisingly positive correlation at the population level. Dr. Eric Behlke of Feedlot Health Management Services in Okotoks, Alta., said a 2014 study of 837,405 head slaughtered in Alberta found that two percent of the cattle had severe liver abscesses, three percent had minor abscesses and 95 percent were clear.

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The Basics of Farm Fencing

The Basics of Farm Fencing

Southern States

Don’t underestimate the value of farm fencing. An easily overlooked asset, a farm fence serves many purposes. It delineates property lines, contains livestock and enhances security. A fence may increase the farm’s aesthetic appearance, too.

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So, is beef demand really that important?

So, is beef demand really that important?

Nevil Speer

Last week’s Industry At A Glance highlighted quarterly beef demand since 1990. As review, the beef industry has enjoyed sustained improvement in demand since the near-term low occurred during the third-quarter of 2009. And since then, beef demand has improved almost 25% and the current 12-month moving average now stands at nearly 93 – the best mark since 1992.   

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Online cattle auction aims to shake up U.S. meat market

Online cattle auction aims to shake up U.S. meat market

Tom Polansek


A proposal for an online auction that could shake up the U.S. pricing model for cattle is set to make its public debut on Friday after a test run last week, with the support of a unit of the world’s largest meatpacker.

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Are Your Brood Cows Getting Pregnant?

Are Your Brood Cows Getting Pregnant?

Phil Durst


According to Wayne Ayers, DVM of the University of Idaho, profits in the cow-calf business are “determined by the maximum number of cows becoming pregnant in the shortest period of time and raising that calf until weaning.” Most producers rely on natural service to get the cow herd bred and if we consider an average of 25 cows a bull is expected to breed, then the value of the crop expected from that bull is at least $25,650 (based on $1.80/lb. for 600 lb. calves and a 95 percent calf crop).

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Utilize mineral supplementation for reproductive performance

Utilize mineral supplementation for reproductive performance

Kevin Glaubius

Progressive Cattleman

For cow-calf producers, there are certain periods that determine an operation’s profitability. Failure to manage the nutrition of the cow herd during these critical times can hurt productivity in ways producers often do not think about.

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