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Livestock facilities workshop planned

Livestock facilities workshop planned


 “Good Ventilation Equals Good Cattle Performance” will be the theme of a Livestock Facility Workshop from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 8 at the Lena Community Center, 497 Lions Drive. This workshop will focus on the interaction of ventilation and herd health issues for beef and dairy cattle buildings. The workshop will be hosted by University of Illinois Extension.

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A successful calving season: Pre-calving considerations

A successful calving season: Pre-calving considerations

Beef RoundTable

Purdue University and BEEF Magazine

Calving season is upon us, and getting ready for this year’s calf crop takes careful planning. The Beef Roundtable brings you a three-part broadcast on how to plan and have a successful calving season, as well as some post-calving considerations. In Part 1, we look at some pre-calving considerations. This month, the Beef Roundtable takes an in-depth look at calving management with Blake Angell, cattle rancher and partner in Lundgren Angus Ranch, Gove, Kansas, and cattle buyer for Meyer Natural Angus; and Larry Horstman, DVM, emeritus professor at the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine.

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Forage Focus: Frosted Forage Precautions

Forage Focus: Frosted Forage Precautions

Mark Sulc

Beef 2Live

Jack Frost will be visiting us soon. Several forage species can be extremely toxic soon after a frost because they contain compounds called cyanogenic glucosides that are converted quickly to prussic acid (i.e. hydrogen cyanide) in freeze-damaged plant tissues.

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Low-stress Stockmanship Benefits the Feedyard

Low-stress Stockmanship Benefits the Feedyard

Kasey Brown

Angus Beef Bulletin

"Quite simply, stockmanship is a requirement for a sustainable future,” said Anne Burkholder, owner of Will Feed Inc., Cozad, Neb. Her No. 1 job is to serve as an animal caregiver and to minimize stress on calves, which allows them to convert finite resources into more gain in the feedyard.

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Burger Chain Shares Their “Beef Story” with Producers

Burger Chain Shares Their "Beef Story" with Producers

Virginia H. Harris

Progressive Farmer

To you, it’s a simple cheeseburger. To Wendy’s it’s the symbol of their legacy. With plans to relaunch their single-patty cheeseburger in 2016, Wendy’s presented the story of their history and beef supply chain to an audience of cattle producers at the recent National Cattlemen’s Beef Association annual meeting.

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Calf shelters reduce weather stress and illness.

Calf shelters reduce weather stress and illness.

Heather Smith Thomas

Hereford World

Ranchers who calve during late winter or early spring know the value of shelter for baby calves. When my husband and I started ranching in 1967, our cows were calving in March and April, and we had terrible scours, especially when the weather was wet. The pastures on this place were very contaminated with scour “bugs” after intensive cattle use for nearly 100 years before we arrived.

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Veterinary Feed Directive will impact whole livestock industry, but many aren’t aware of the regulation

Veterinary Feed Directive will impact whole livestock industry, but many aren’t aware of the regulation

The Tribune

When the Veterinary Feed Directive goes into effect in 2017, it will impact nearly everyone in the livestock industry. But at the Colorado Farm Show this week, when Christine Gabel, territory business manager with animal health company Zoetis asked a room of farmers and ranchers if they’d heard of it, she was met with silence.

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BQA firecracker

BQA firecracker

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Beef producers in North Dakota, and in other states as well, know Lisa Pederson as a tireless and passionate advocate and educator of beef quality assurance (BQA) principles. During last week’s Cattle Industry Convention in San Diego, NCBA and the Beef Checkoff recognized Pederson, who serves as her state’s BQA specialist at North Dakota State University, with the 2016 BQA educator of the year award.

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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farmer talents

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 farmer talents


10. With a little imagination and a big hammer, he can make parts fit that shouldn’t.

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Lice and Beef Cattle

Lice and Beef Cattle

Mark Landefeld

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Cattle Lice -Winter is the prime time for lice populations on beef cattle to increase. As temperatures cool and hair coats grow longer producers need to be monitoring their livestock. Constant rubbing is a sign or indicator your livestock may have biting and or sucking lice. Both biting and sucking lice are spread by direct contact with other animals and these parasites can cost producers a lot of money.

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Trace Minerals & Pregnancy

Trace Minerals & Pregnancy

Katrina Huffstutler

Angus Media

Cooke said organic trace mineral supplementation increased weaned calf value by $70 compared to the control group, with an extra feeding cost of only $3.10 per cow. Inorganic trace mineral supplementation increased weaned calf value by $32 compared to the control group, with an extra cost of $2 per cow.

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