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Is “Fat” a Four-letter Word?

Is “Fat” a Four-letter Word?

Dr. Roy Burris

Ohio BEEF Cattle Letter

Is fat a bad word? Not necessarily. Simply put, fat is just the body’s storage form of energy. If an animal consumes more energy than it uses, the excess calories will be stored as fat – money in the bank to be used in an energy shortage (think cows calving in late winter). Fat also imparts flavor to food (like a T-bone steak) but it also adds calories. So managing fat can be a delicate issue in the cattle business.

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Genomics: A Gateway Technology to Cattle Herd Management in the Future

Genomics: A Gateway Technology to Cattle Herd Management in the Future

Oklahoma Farm Report

DNA technology is really helping advance the cattle industry rapidly and it’s really a new phenomenon. Dr. Michael Bishop of Illumina said the establishment of genomics started just a few years ago.

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Biggest mistake among ag wome

Biggest mistake among ag women

Katie Hancock


Women have an important role in agriculture. Yes, many of us are farm wives. But we are also farmers, landowners, teachers and advocates. The biggest mistake among many women is surrendering to the fear of getting involved in a male-dominated world.

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The Top 10 signs spring planting can’t be too far off:

The Top 10 signs spring planting can’t be too far off:


Posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 9:54 am

10. The over-achiever down the road has his planter power-washed, calibrated, hooked-up and pointed toward the first field.

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Deterring ticks with citrus and millipedes

Deterring ticks with citrus and millipedes

Farm and Ranch Guide

Despite a successful program to eliminate cattle fever ticks during the first half of the 20th century, these ticks still manage to cross the Mexican border into Texas.

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Monitoring Nutrient Status of Cows

Monitoring Nutrient Status of Cows


Managing cows through the winter provides different challenges compared to managing those same cows during the growing season. With snow cover across most of South Dakota, cows should oftentimes receive supplemental feed to meet their nutrient requirements during late gestation and into calving season because forage available for grazing is limited.

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The Feedlot Death Loss Conundrum

The Feedlot Death Loss Conundrum

John Maday


Veterinarians today have access to better vaccines, better treatments and generally better overall cattle management than in the past, and yet the prevalence of feedyard death loss continues to run higher than just a few years ago.

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