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Baxter Black, DVM: Cowboy Christianity

Baxter Black, DVM: Cowboy Christianity

A funny thing happened at the rodeo. I saw the power of prayer.

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Livestock Icon Pat Goggins passes

Livestock Icon Pat Goggins passes

Billings Gazette

In 1961, Pat bought the Western Livestock Reporter. Pat taught himself to auctioneer as he drove miles and miles selling advertising for the paper. Auctioneering grew into a career where he has been recognized as one of the leading purebred livestock auctioneers in the country. Even after he retired, and with all his business interests, auctioneering was his passion and he dearly missed it.

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Winter beef cow diets with low quality forages

Winter beef cow diets with low quality forages

Kevin Gould, Kable Thurlow

Michigan State University

Michigan producers were blessed last summer with excellent moisture conditions across the state for the majority of the forage growing areas. In some areas, putting up dry first and second cutting was challenging and we have a significant amount of over mature hay and some that was rinsed off by frequent rains. In those cases, knowing the forage quality and feed value is critical. Accurate ration work is only possible with accurate information.

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Feed bunk management facts improve efficiency

Feed bunk management facts improve efficiency

Beef Producer

In a time of cheap corn prices and volatile cattle markets, focusing on effective management techniques – like feed bunk management – can improve efficiency and help producers make the most of already tight margins.

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Stop your calving barn from becoming a disease cesspool

Stop your calving barn from becoming a disease cesspool

Shannon Williams

Progressive Cattleman

A disease outbreak during calving season can have a devastating effect on your operation. It affects the health of your cattle, your bottom line and you as a human (added stress and disease potential – salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis). The good news is: By applying some simple biosecurity measures during this busy time, your calving barn doesn’t need to be a disease cesspool.

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Genetics and economics finally crossing paths

Genetics and economics finally crossing paths

Nathan Thompson, John Michael Riley


Scientists have long studied genetics and the advantages of genetic selection largely within the scope of production and productivity. Beef cattle production is no different, and the body of scientific and laymen’s articles is extremely thorough.

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In the climate-change debate, what about cows?

In the climate-change debate, what about cows?

San Diego Union Tribune

In the debate about how to reduce the greenhouse gases that cause global warming you almost never hear activists ask this: What should be done about cows? And buffalo? And goats? And sheep? And camels?

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