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BeefTalk: No Spirit, No Peace

BeefTalk: No Spirit, No Peace

Kris Ringwall Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Successful beef production begins with the identification of goals and objectives.  Why am I doing what I am doing? Is it to support family, to fulfill my own needs, to help feed those who cannot produce food, to have camaraderie with others, to gain a place in life?

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Grass-Fed Toy Cows?!?

Grass-Fed Toy Cows?!?

The Feisty Farmwife


At the Toys ‘R’ Us in Columbia, Mo., there’s a cardboard bin filled with plastic toy cows for $7.99. Just above the pricing information on the Holstein and Hereford replicas was an interesting label reading “Grass-Fed Only Cows.”

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Preparing for the Calving Season

Preparing for the Calving Season

Dr. Lew Strickland

University of Tennessee

Successful calving seasons are the result of good planning and hard work. Observation of cows and heifers before and during the calving season is necessary to ensure a good calf crop. Cows should be checked at least once daily during the calving season, and heifers should be checked more frequently, perhaps several times a day.

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Bullish on Semen Sales

Bullish on Semen Sales

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Historically less than 5% of commercial producers have used artificial insemination (AI) to bring genetic improvements to their herds, said Les Anderson, University of Kentucky beef specialist. But times are changing.

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Economic impacts of ending performance uses of antibiotics

Economic impacts of ending performance uses of antibiotics

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

The livestock industry faces growing pressures to reduce antibiotic use, particularly the use of medically important drugs for production or performance purposes. In response, the FDA issued its Guidance for Industry 213, which directs companies to remove performance claims from antibiotic labels by December 2016.

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Heifers Stay At Home

Heifers Stay At Home

Sara Brown

Ag Web

Rumors of beef herd expansion are no longer just rumors; they’re fact. While we might not know how many heifers entered cowherds in 2015 until the January inventory report, market experts are closely watching feedlot placements and slaughter percentages to gauge how much the U.S. beef herd is increasing.

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3 reasons for minimizing price risk in cattle operations

3 reasons for minimizing price risk in cattle operations

Beef Producer

"The last couple of months have served as a reminder of the need for price risk management in a cattle marketing plan. Price risk management, although related to marketing, has a different goal. Managing price risk is not the same as getting the highest market price," the two specialists say in a recent Growing Beef newsletter, provided by Iowa Beef Center.

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A Long COOL Ride is Ending

A Long COOL Ride is Ending

Chris Clayton


The pending votes on the federal Fiscal-Year 2016 spending bill will end a long history with country-of-origin labels that for me goes back to twelve years. What a crazy story country of origin has been as fairness in trade law supersedes a push to promote meat from domestic animals.

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Truth in labeling

Truth in labeling

Danni Beer

The Hill

I am a U.S. cattle producer.  My family and I make our living by raising U.S. beef, which is the safest, healthiest and tastiest beef in the world.  Like thousands of other U.S. cattle producers, I want to be able to label my beef with a “USA” label so that consumers can choose to purchase U.S. beef if they want to.  Unfortunately, Congress is preparing to vote on an omnibus federal spending measure that includes a provision that would prevent us from being able to do that.

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Why McDonald’s Is Banking On Sustainable Beef

Why McDonald’s Is Banking On Sustainable Beef

Steve Banker


McDonald’s is the first to admit things are not going as well as the company would like. In its annual report released in March, CEO Steve Easterbrook owned up to the $18 billion fast food retailer’s disappointing performance – sales up only 1 percent with an operating income decline of 8 percent. To right the corporation, the company vowed to  reorganize itself to “put consumers at the forefront of everything we do.”

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