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Do you feed an ionophore?

Do you feed an ionophore?

Stillwater News Press

Today everyone is concerned with efficiency. Our major appliances are rated on efficiencies and even our light bulbs are concerned about efficiency. We are also constantly looking for ways to improve the efficacy of our cow/calf operations. Feeding an ionophore is one possible way to improve our herd’s efficiency with a very minimal cost.

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Animal Health Institute disputes sales versus use of antibiotics

Animal Health Institute disputes sales versus use of antibiotics

Tom Steever

Brownfield News

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration report indicates that sales of antibiotics for use in food animals continues to rise, but the Animal Health Institute says sales data does not represent actual use. The report says 2014 domestic sales and distribution of such drugs increased 4 percent over 2013 and were up 22 percent from 2009.

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Lead toxicity endangers cattle but also food safety issue

Lead toxicity endangers cattle but also food safety issue

John Campbell

The Western Producer

A herd of 140 cows was turned out to pasture in spring. The owner had recently acquired the use of a new pasture area for these cows. Unfortunately, the owner was unaware that old batteries had been disposed of on this pasture.

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Fall Calving Cows: Management and breeding decisions

Fall Calving Cows: Management and breeding decisions

Taylor Grussing


As producers with spring calving herds are completing weaning and moving cows to winter range, fall calving herds are gearing up for the next breeding season. Whether you already have a fall-calving cow herd or want to start one, keeping open cows and breeding them for fall calves is an alternative to liquidating some females that may still have their most productive years ahead of them.

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VFD Impact- Four suggestions for getting ready

VFD Impact- Four suggestions for getting ready

Brian Lubbers

Bovine Veterinarian

Most of our commonly used feed-grade antibiotics will require a VFD order, so producers should work with veterinarians to determine which ones they’ve been using and whether they’ll be affected by the VFD. For example, producers will need a VFD order to feed chlortetracycline to cattle for control of anaplasmosis, but a VFD is not required to feed monensin (Rumensin®) for prevention of coccidiosis.

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EPD’s: What they mean

EPD’s: What they mean

Stacy Campbell

Hays Daily News

Expected Progeny Differences, or EPD’s, can indicate the genetic value of one specific animal compared to another specific animal of the same breed, regardless of age or location of the herd. In other words, the EPD values for a Hereford bull might not be compared against the EPD’s for an Angus or Charolais bull. Each individual member of a breed can have EPD values calculated for it.

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A look at Confined Animal Feeding Operations and how they’re regulated

A look at Confined Animal Feeding Operations and how they’re regulated

Diana Normand


Confined Animal Feeding Operations or, CAFOs, are a hot button issue in Central Wisconsin. But what are they and who regulates them?

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