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Considerations for Rumen Development in Weaned Calves

Considerations for Rumen Development in Weaned Calves

Janna Kincheloe and Adele Harty

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Proper nutritional management of weaned calves is critical in ensuring optimal health and performance. It is important to develop weaning rations that will adequately prepare calves for efficient growth and profitability in backgrounding and finishing programs or for a lifetime of productivity in the cow herd.

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The Importance of Updating and Maintaining a Marketing Plan

The Importance of Updating and Maintaining a Marketing Plan

Jay Parsons And Kate Brooks

University of Nebraska

When you developed your marketing plan, you thought about what you plan on producing in the coming year, when you plan on having it ready to market or sell, and where you plan on delivering it.

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The Wow Cows

The Wow Cows

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Mike Wilson’s cows have that "wow" factor. It’s a description straight from the mouth of his county Extension agent Tommy Yankey. The agent said Wilson’s herd stands out, not just in terms of the data, but phenotypically. Good udders, wonderful feet, great personalities. Most notably these girls have lost a little weight — on average 500 pounds each.

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Visible and invisible benefits of preconditioning

Visible and invisible benefits of preconditioning

Peter Vitti


Preconditioned is a general term for feedlot-destined calves that have been vaccinated, castrated, dehorned, weaned, have some feed-bunk/waterer experience and have been fed a nutritious post-weaning diet for at least 30-45 days prior to being sold to a feedlot.

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Merck Animal Health CreatingConnections™ Module Focuses on Feedlot Stockmanship

Merck Animal Health CreatingConnections™ Module Focuses on Feedlot Stockmanship

Bovine Veterinarian

Stockmanship is critical to the health and well-being of cattle and ultimately, the success of an operation. This means producers must continually put an emphasis on enhancing these vital skills and reiterating their importance to everyone who works with the animals.

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Dave Nichols receives highest industry honor

Dave Nichols receives highest industry honor


Western Livestock Journal

A portrait of Dave Nichols, Bridgewater, IA, has been added to the Saddle and Sirloin Portrait Gallery, which is the highest honor a person can receive in the livestock industry. Founded in 1903 at the Chicago Stockyards, the Saddle and Sirloin Club Portrait Gallery is currently on display at the North American International Livestock Exposition grounds in Louisville, KY.

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Flex stocker program to maximize grazing

Flex stocker program to maximize grazing

Robert Fears

Indiana Prairie Farmer

Stockers are a margin driven business with flexibility of buying and selling calves when cattle prices and forage availability dictate. Because of this flexibility, stocker cattle are an excellent grazing management tool. When quantity of forage is decreased due to drought or overuse, remove animals from the pasture.

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Missouri beef producers divided on proposed beef checkoff

Missouri beef producers divided on proposed beef checkoff

Micole Cooke

Sedalia Democrat

Missouri beef producers seem to be almost equally divided over a proposed $1-per-head state beef checkoff, and those opinions were heard during a public hearing Wednesday morning. The MEC Building on the Missouri State Fairgrounds was filled for almost two and a half hours as beef producers from across the state, both male and female, young and old, gave testimony to Missouri Department of Agriculture Director Richard Fordyce regarding their stance on the proposal.

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Repeal of country-of-origin meat labels may be tucked in U.S. budget bill

Repeal of country-of-origin meat labels may be tucked in U.S. budget bill

Michael Doyke

Fresno Bee

Facing possible tariffs from Canada and Mexico, the ranchers and their Capitol Hill allies are scrambling to include a repeal of the labeling law in the so-called “omnibus” appropriations package needed to fund the federal government after Friday.

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Cattle experts: Bull selection tips

Cattle experts: Bull selection tips

Blair Fannin

Wilson County News

A herd bull is the foundation of a cattle operation and determines profitability in a cowherd.  Dr. Jason Cleere, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service beef cattle specialist at College Station, said, “For me, when looking at purchasing bulls, it starts with the data. Good calves bring good money and data on the bulls we are looking to purchase can assist with selecting the right sire for the operation. But you can’t just rely on data. There’s also visual selection.”

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