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Baxter Black, DVM:  Dean’s Driving School

Baxter Black, DVM:  Dean’s Driving School

Dean was in his eighties and still drove his pickup.  This concerned his best friend Jack, who questioned the wisdom of riding with him.

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When vaccinating your herd, start with a plan

When vaccinating your herd, start with a plan

Farm and Ranch Guide

The transition from autumn to winter is a busy time, regardless of your calving season. Spring calvers wrap up weaning or fine-tune their preconditioning programs while getting cows ready for 2016. Fall calvers wrap up that season and prepare for breeding, traditionally signaled by Thanksgiving for those willing to start calving in late August. That holiday week is also when many fall-born calves get processed for the first time because cows are gathered for pre-breeding vaccines.

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Minerals to Cows

Minerals to Cows

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

The amount of minerals in forages varies tremendously over the year. Lower levels and availability of calcium and magnesium in lush spring grasses, combined with a cow’s peak need for calcium and magnesium, may mean an increase in cases of milk fever (low calcium), grass tetany (low magnesium) or a combination of both (what I call lactation tetany).

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Use these best management practices for keeping livestock vaccines viable

Use these best management practices for keeping livestock vaccines viable

Beef Producer

According to South Dakota State University’s Extension Dairy Field Specialist Tracey Erickson, livestock vaccines provide protective immunity approximately 21 days following the initial vaccination in the majority of animals. Some livestock vaccines may require a booster vaccination(s) to ensure immunity for the period designated by the manufacturer.

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Farm Management School Teaches Small, Beginning Producers Farm Finances

Farm Management School Teaches Small, Beginning Producers Farm Finances

Tracey Turner

The Ohio State University

Producers new to farming or those who operate small farms and ranches can learn how to create a business plan and develop a balance sheet from farm management experts with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University.

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World’s Biggest Animal Cloning Center Set for ’16 in a Skeptical China

World’s Biggest Animal Cloning Center Set for ’16 in a Skeptical China

Owen Guo

New York Times

The cloning center will eventually churn out up to a million beef cattle embryos a year, as well as sniffer dogs, racehorses and other animals, its backers say.

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Cancer-causing cattle disease increasing across Canada

Cancer-causing cattle disease increasing across Canada

Ashley Robinson

Western Producer

Infection rates for bovine leukosis, which can cause cancer in cattle, are growing. “(Producers) should be worried, and they should do something about it because, as I said, the prevalence is high,” said Omid Nekouei, a PhD candidate of veterinary epidemiology at the Atlantic Veterinary College.

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3 things young beef producers need: patience, persistence & passion

3 things young beef producers need: patience, persistence & passion

Amanda Radke


Troy Marshall, BEEF columnist from Colorado, recently wrote about how fiercely competitive the cattle business is and the challenges and opportunity available for young people today that didn’t exist a generation ago.

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Thank God for Second Chances

Thank God for Second Chances

Dr. Gary Bates

University of Tennessee

As I look outside, I see the leaves fall.  I see the wheat cover crop growing on the garden.  It makes me think about how, next year, the trees will put out new leaves and I will put out another garden.  Next spring will be like a new year. Regardless of how bad my garden looked, I have another chance to try and get it right.

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