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Montana Ranchers on Canadian Border Watch

Montana Ranchers on Canadian Border Watch

Judi Mcleod

Canada Free Press

The rhetoric of politicians like Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau are cold comfort to the the roughly 100 ranchers who span Montana’s border with Canada.

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Open Season Is Seen in Gene Editing of Animals

Open Season Is Seen in Gene Editing of Animals

Amy Harmon

New York Times

Other than the few small luxuries afforded them, like private access to a large patch of grass, there was nothing to mark the two hornless dairy calves born last spring at a breeding facility here as early specimens in a new era of humanity’s dominion over nature.

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Missouri Cattle Industry Convention to provide timely information

Missouri Cattle Industry Convention to provide timely information


Missouri Cattlemen’s Association (MCA) Vice President Butch Meier said the 48th Annual Missouri Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show will feature industry experts that will focus on timely information valuable to anyone in the beef cattle business. The event will be held Jan. 8-10, 2016, at the Tan-Tar-A resort in Osage Beach, Mo. Meier, who raises cattle near Jackson, Mo., said the three-day event is expected to attract cattle producers from all regions of the state.

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Bids taken for beef cattle for the US government’s military use

Bids taken for beef cattle for the US government’s military use

Wyndridge Farm

As the Civil War moved into its second year, the Federal government found itself with a shortage of beef cattle to feed the seemingly ever-expanding Union armies. Ads were taken out in various newspapers across the North to seek bids from contractors to supply cows. Among the collection points for the cattle secured by this government bid process was York, Pennsylvania.

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BeefTalk: Who Gets the Weight?

BeefTalk: Who Gets the Weight?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Traditional management sells Dickinson Research Extension Center steer calves at 609 pounds, and nontraditional management sells the center’s long yearling steers at 1,264 pounds. Have you ever added water to a dried sponge and watched the sponge expand? The cow-calf industry resembles the sponge.

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How Expensive is “Cheap” Hay?

How Expensive is “Cheap” Hay?

Stephen B. Blezinger, PhD, PAS

Cattle Today

Every year, countless cattle operations find themselves in a similar situation. For one reason or another it becomes necessary for them to purchase at least some of the hay they will need for winter feeding.

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Producer preps by adding windbreaks, watching feed

Producer preps by adding windbreaks, watching feed

Bill Tiedje

Iowa Farmer Today

As nights grow colder and the days get shorter, many cow-calf producers are now busy with upkeep of their winter cattle buildings and lots. In Central Iowa, Matt Cibula of Cib’s Gelbvieh prepared his equipment and buildings for winter Nov. 7.

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