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Autumn answers to cattle questions

Autumn answers to cattle questions

Justin Sexten

High Plains Journal

As summer turned to autumn, you faced familiar questions. Do I market calves at weaning or precondition them? Which heifers should I keep? Record prices made answers a bit easier last year, but with those on the decline you may want to consider alternatives.

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Inventory Stored Feeds Now

Inventory Stored Feeds Now

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

The dry fall weather has been optimal for farmers harvesting crops, however it has left pastures without needed moisture to grow fall forage. As a result, it is becoming glaringly evident that cattle producers need to inventory feeds and make sure they have the needed amounts of stored feed in case they are forced to start feeding cattle earlier than expected.

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Pasture to Pounds: Using Rumensin in growing cattle

Pasture to Pounds: Using Rumensin in growing cattle


Beef cows, stockers and replacement heifers can all benefit from improved efficiency with Rumensin, the only ionophore approved for use in beef cows. Doug Hufstdler, Ph.D. and Elanco technical consultant, talks about implementing Rumensin to grow healthy beef cows, stockers and replacement heifers.

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