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Shrink and its meaning to cattlemen

Shrink and its meaning to cattlemen

Brandon Sears

The Richmond Register

I believe that shrink is a concept that isn’t fully understood by many people in the cattle industry. Simply put, shrink refers to weight loss during transport. However, how it occurs, what it does to cattle and the effect it has at the feedlot isn’t so simple.

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Supplemental Forage Options for Late Summer to Early Autumn Planting

Supplemental Forage Options for Late Summer to Early Autumn Planting

Mark Sulc

The Ohio State University

This has obviously been a difficult year for mechanically harvested forages. Not only has it been nearly impossible to harvest dry forage, but reports are becoming more numerous of damaged forage stands due to the excessive rainfall we’ve experienced.

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Shade Options for Open Lots

Shade Options for Open Lots

Joe Darrington


Heat stress in cattle due to elevated temperature and humidity in the summer months is documented to reduce productivity in dairy cattle. In beef production the losses of production have been slight or imperceptible to most studies.

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