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Are feeder cattle prices on the cusp of a collapse?

Are feeder cattle prices on the cusp of a collapse?

Wes Ishmael


The cattle price wheel continues spinning at a near-record pace, but the bearings are getting a bit stickier with recent instances of weekly regional cash feeder cattle prices moving a touch lower year-to-year.

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Temple Grandin digs in on the practical side of what animals want

Temple Grandin digs in on the practical side of what animals want

Nathanael Johnson


My nervous system was hyper-vigilant. Any little thing out of place, like a water stain on the ceiling, would set off a panic reaction, and cattle are scared of the same thing.

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Capitol Hill says ‘whoa’ to South American beef

Capitol Hill says ‘whoa’ to South American beef

Tri State Livestock News

Beef derived from cattle on the other side of the equator might take longer to arrive in the U.S. than originally thought. The Senate appropriations committee, June 16 approved a spending bill that included a provision to ban Argentinian and Brazilian fresh or frozen beef until certain conditions are met.

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Pregnancy Checking Made Simple

Pregnancy Checking Made Simple

Heather Smith Thomas

Hereford World

There have been several tests developed using hormone measurements in blood or milk to confirm pregnancy. The one most commonly used today is a blood test developed by Garth Sasser at the University of Idaho.

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Losses from rain damaged hay unpredictable

Losses from rain damaged hay unpredictable

Bruce Anderson

Progressive Forage Grower

It has been difficult to make good hay across a large geographic area this spring and summer. Repeated rains, high humidity and reduced sunshine have prevented many growers from finding long enough dry spells to get hay dry, or even to dare cut their hay.

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The 4-R Program for Summer Grazing

The 4-R Program for Summer Grazing

Hay and Forage Grower

Summer generally brings warm to hot temperatures and less frequent rainfall. Rory Lewandowski, extension educator in Wayne County, Ohio, notes that cool-season grass pastures grow best when temperatures are cool to warm and moisture is plentiful.

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Tips for Cleaning Syringes

Tips for Cleaning Syringes

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Syringes used for vaccinating cattle or administering injectable drugs such as antibiotics should always be clean before filling them. If a person makes a habit of thoroughly cleaning them after each use and storing them in a clean, dry place, they will be ready to go for next time.

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2015 Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course to begin Aug. 3

2015 Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course to begin Aug. 3

Chad Gulley

Tyler Morning Telegraph

The 2015 Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course will be held Monday, Aug. 3 to Wednesday, Aug. 5 in College Station on the campus of Texas A&M University.

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It’s Blue-Green Algae Time Again

It’s Blue-Green Algae Time Again

Dave Sparks DVM

Oklahoma State University

 Blue-green algae, properly called Cyanobacteria, occur naturally in many farm ponds throughout the Midwest. As the name implies, it is not truly an algae but a bacteria that contains chlorophyll and can convert sunlight to energy for its replication.

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Castration — Best management practices

Castration — Best management practices

Joann Pipkin


Make no bones about it — Gary Patton knows the value in early castration of beef calves. The former order buyer and now cow-calf producer has been on the other side of the fence.

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