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BEEF, Purdue launch Beef Roundtable

BEEF, Purdue launch Beef Roundtable

Burt Rutherford


Staying up-to-date on the many issues affecting the beef business at the ranch gate can be a challenge. BEEF and Purdue University have joined forces to help you gain an in-depth look at the issues affecting you and the beef business. The inaugural monthly, web-based video podcast, now available at beefmagazine.com and beefroundtable.com, features a look at the future of antibiotics in beef cattle production.


Baxter Black, DVM: Snafflebit Futurity

Baxter Black, DVM: Snafflebit Futurity

Have you ever been drivin’ a set of pasture cattle down the lane?

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Saved Fescue Cuts Winter Feed Bill

Saved Fescue Cuts Winter Feed Bill

Mark Parker

Progressive Farmer

Stockpiling fescue in the fall is a "can’t miss" practice for beef producer Dale Helwig. The Columbus, Kan., cattleman said his goal is to provide winter grazing for 100 spring and 60 fall calvers.

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Red Angus CEO and board announce changes

Red Angus CEO and board announce changes

Tri State Livestock News

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) has reached a mutual agreement with Dr. Twig Marston to not renew the two-year CEO contract which expires Jan. 15, 2016. Marston is leaving the RAAA to pursue other opportunities in the cattle industry. He will remain with the RAAA until arrangements are made for a replacement. A search committee has been formed to begin this process.

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Pay close attention to Veterinary Feed Directive regulations

Pay close attention to Veterinary Feed Directive regulations

Beef Producer

"The issue surrounding the use of these antibiotics began several years ago," explained Craig Payne, director of Veterinary Extension and Continuing Education at the University of Missouri.

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Avoid Heat Stress in Cattle by Planning Ahead

Avoid Heat Stress in Cattle by Planning Ahead

Grant Dewell, Sherry Hoyer

Iowa State University

With continuing weather forecasts of temperatures in the mid- to upper 90s and heat index topping 100 degrees in Iowa, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach beef veterinarian Grant Dewell reminds beef cattle producers that properly preparing for these weather conditions is vital to maintaining herd health.

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Summer Pneumonia in Spring-Born Beef Calves

Summer Pneumonia in Spring-Born Beef Calves

Rachel Endecott

Montana State University

The hot days and cool nights of midsummer may bring summer pneumonia along with them. Summer pneumonia in nursing beef calves is not uncommon, but occurs somewhat randomly and with low frequency. A wide variety of risk factors for summer pneumonia exist.

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