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What about buying aged cows?

What about buying aged cows?

Scott Clawson


The expansion of the cowherd is in full swing. But deciding how to expand is a bit more challenging, especially with all classes of cattle being sold at near record highs.

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Estimating Cattle Age With Dentition

Estimating Cattle Age With Dentition

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Did you know that cattle don’t get all their permanent teeth until they’re 5 years old? The lower front teeth, known as incisors, come in over a period of years, 2 pair at a time, starting with the two center teeth. This means that you can tell the age of your animals by how many of the front incisors they have. You can also tell if an cow is nearing the end of her productive years and is ready to be marketed by looking at the condition of her incisors.

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Making Informed Decisions

Making Informed Decisions

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

There are two types of feed-through fly control products. Which works best for you?

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eBeef site makes beef genomics easier to understand

eBeef site makes beef genomics easier to understand

Beef Producer

Beef herd owners facing genetic data overload at breeding time can find help in a new website, eBEEF.org, says Jared Decker, University of Missouri Extension beef geneticist. Useful information is put in terms farmers understand, Decker says. All will be in one easy-to-use spot on the Internet, Decker says.

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Three Steps to Control Heat Stress at a Feedyard

Three Steps to Control Heat Stress at a Feedyard

Responsible Beef

Heat stress in feedyard cattle is inevitable, but there are certain steps producers can take to minimize the severity of heat stress in cattle. This includes knowing what to look for in the weather forecast, initiating preventive measures and recognizing the early signs of heat stress.

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U Of Florida Develops White Angus Breed

U Of Florida Develops White Angus Breed

The Stock Exchange

The Ona White Angus herd will be sold through a public auction at the University of Florida, Range Cattle Research and Education Center in Ona, this fall or early winter. The Ona White Angus was developed over two decades of cross-breeding various phenotypes at the Range Cattle REC, said Center Director John Arthington.

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5 Things to Expect when you Date a Livestock Girl

5 Things to Expect when you Date a Livestock Girl

The Hill on the Bridge

Many guys out there fantasize about finding a cute "country" girl who will wear frilly dresses with pointy toed cowboy boots and who will be the "ideal" housewife. By ideal I mean the one who will spend all day cooking pies and cleaning the house and raising babies for her husband.

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