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Hereford Nation Meets Husker Nation

Hereford Nation Meets Husker Nation

Steve White


There’s a whole lot of beef at the Nebraska State Fairgrounds this week. More than 800 kids, along with more than 2,000 cattle are registered for the Hereford Junior National Event.

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Keep wet hay out of the barn, make baleage if necessary

Keep wet hay out of the barn, make baleage if necessary

Beef Producer

As wetter-than-normal weather conditions visit the Midwest, a Purdue Extension forage specialist is urging farmers to make sure their hay is adequately dried before baling and storage to reduce the risk of barn fires.

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Here are practical answers to your VFD questions

Here are practical answers to your VFD questions

Alan Newport

Bovine Veterinarian

Practical examples can sometimes be the best way to understand complex rules like those contained in the Food and Drug Administration’s Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD).

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Being Different – To be the Best

Being Different – To be the Best

Kristin Hawkins and Ellen H. Brisendine

The Cattleman

“If I did everything I was told to do, man, I’d still be buying hogs for IBP,” says Wayne Carroll, who owns Clifton Livestock Commission with his wife Andrea. Ownership of the livestock auction market and the services they provide are dreams come true for the Carrolls, because they were willing to take chances, work hard and continually pay attention to what their customers need.

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Grazing Gets Boost From Rain

Grazing Gets Boost From Rain

Russ Quinn


Scott Herrick knows the weather can change quickly in his region where the Corn Belt meets the High Plains. The Franklin, Nebraska, farmer and cattleman has seen firsthand how increased moisture so far this growing season has affected how much pasture and rangeland grass cattleman will see and even how they will graze the grass.

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Red Angus Releases Herd Navigator DNA test

Red Angus Releases Herd Navigator DNA test

A Steak in Genomics

The Red Angus Association of America has enabled more particular selection of Red Angus commercial females. The Herd Navigator reports breed percentile ranks for the RAAA HerdBuilder and GridMaster indexes, plus 13 EPD traits.

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Nutrition of Replacements Key to Productivity

Nutrition of Replacements Key to Productivity

Dr. Brandi Bourg Karisch

Cattle Today

Extension Beef Cattle Specialist Mississippi State University The replacement heifer is the foundation of a productive cowherd, and it is important to give her the best chance at having a long and productive life in the herd.

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The Right Cow Makes You Money

The Right Cow Makes You Money

Chip Hines

On Pasture

Cattle are considered to be well attuned to our modern beef industry and we only need to breed the right bull to a cow for profit. Included in this theory is adding all the necessary inputs recommended by every magazine you pick up.

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Enviros worry Brazilian beef imports could serve up a side of Amazon tree-cutting

Enviros worry Brazilian beef imports could serve up a side of Amazon tree-cutting

Zack Colman

Washington Examiner

Climate-conscious groups warned that the U.S. decision Tuesday to end restrictions on Brazilian beef imports must not encourage greater deforestation in the Amazon if the world is to stop rising temperatures.

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WOTUS demonstrates the government’s boundless appetite for regulation

WOTUS demonstrates the government’s boundless appetite for regulation

Gary H. Baise

Pork Network

The Clean Water Act prohibits the discharge of pollutants into waters of the United States. Pollutants can come from direct discharges or from dredging and filling material being dumped into waters of the United States.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Corps of Engineers apparently believe that "navigable waters" cover virtually any area where water flows or is contained.

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