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NCBA is Ready to Take EPA to Court Over WOTUS- Colin Woodall Tells All

NCBA is Ready to Take EPA to Court Over WOTUS- Colin Woodall Tells All

Oklahoma Farm Report

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Rule, which most stakeholders continue to call the Waters of the US Rule, is now final. In a matter of a few more weeks- the rule will be enforced by the agency.

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Minerals to Cows

Minerals to Cows

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

The amount of minerals in forages varies tremendously over the year. Lower levels and availability of calcium and magnesium in lush spring grasses, combined with a cow’s peak need for calcium and magnesium, may mean an increase in cases of milk fever (low calcium), grass tetany (low magnesium) or a combination of both (what I call lactation tetany).

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Wet Pastures and Foot Rot

Wet Pastures and Foot Rot

Dr. Glenn Selk

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Spring rains have filled the ponds and summer grass is ready to start growing vigorously. As the temperatures heat up, cattle will start to congregate around or in the ponds or other standing water.

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Factors That Affecting Breeding Ability in Bulls

Factors That Affecting Breeding Ability in Bulls

Heather Smith Thomas

Feedlot Magazine

Many factors affect breeding ability. A bull may pass his breeding soundness exam and still not sire any calves. Dr. Ram Kasimanickam, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Washington State University, says that after a bull passes this evaluation, with requirements set forth by the Society for Theriogenology, it is the producer’s responsibility to see whether the bull has good libido.

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Getting Top Dollar for calves

Getting Top Dollar for calves

Jennifer Carrico

High Plains Journal

The goal of all cattle producers is to get the top dollar for their calves when they sell. Top Dollar Angus Inc. formed to help producers do just that.

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Getting newly weaned or received calves started on feed

Getting newly weaned or received calves started on feed

Dr. Brandi Karisch


A goal of any receiving or weaning plan should be to minimize stress on newly received calves. Starting new cattle, whether they be newly weaned or freshly received into a stocker operation, can often be a challenge.

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Be patient with wet hay fields

Be patient with wet hay fields

Hay And Forage Grower

Many hay producers are frustrated by the rainy weather, acknowledges Mark Sulc, extension forage agronomist at The Ohio State University. They know that forage quality is declining with each day that goes by. However, Sulc urges hay producers to change their focus, be patient, and make sure their hay fields are dry enough to support equipment getting out on them once the sun starts to shine again.

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Great Gobs of Gargantuan Grass

Great Gobs of Gargantuan Grass

Troy Bishopp

On Pasture

I’ve got too much grass. Did the grass whisperer just say that? Is there any such thing as too much soil-covering grass? Let me rephrase. I’ve got too much grass that won’t be harvested in a timely fashion and meet industry standards (8 to 10 inches), for proper grazing management.

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What the Confederate flag, antibiotics and the environmental movement have in common

What the Confederate flag, antibiotics and the environmental movement have in common

Troy Marshall


At first glance, there is very little similarity in the current discussion in this country over the Confederate flag, how cattle producers use antibiotics and the environment. Yet, they may have more in common than appears on the surface.

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Administration Places Politics Over Producers

Administration Places Politics Over Producers


Today, USDA APHIS released their final rules for the Importation of Fresh Beef from Northern Argentina and a Region in Brazil. With this step by the Administration, these areas with a known history of Foot-and-Mouth disease would be allowed to begin the inspection process to import fresh and frozen beef products into the United States.

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