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When mob grazing is not mob grazing

When mob grazing is not mob grazing

Bruce Anderson

Progressive Forage Grower

Mob grazing is popular. If you aren’t mob grazing yourself, you know someone who is mob grazing. Or are they?

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VFD Rule Finalized: Insights on changes in feed-grade antibiotic use

VFD Rule Finalized: Insights on changes in feed-grade antibiotic use

Russ Daly


The FDA’s Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) ruling will change the classification of “medically important” feed-grade antibiotics from their current over-the-counter status to the VFD designation.

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Alan Newport named Drovers CattleNetwork Editor

Alan Newport named Drovers CattleNetwork Editor

Cattle Trader Center

Alan Newport has joined Vance Publishing Corporation as Editor of Drovers CattleNetwork. He will represent the brand at industry events and will work closely with managing editor John Maday and assistant editor Laura Mushrush to bring the most relevant and valuable beef industry news and topics to U.S. ranchers.

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