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Bigs Lead Littles at Red Angus Show

Bigs Lead Littles at Red Angus Show

Nebraska TV ABC

One of our nation’s most vital industries experiences record prices, yet many worry about attracting young people into the business. That’s because livestock is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.

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Why Factory Farming Isn’t What You Think

Why Factory Farming Isn’t What You Think

Phil Lempert

Supermarket Guru

It is possible for a factory farm to both be profitable and be considerate towards the animals’ life-quality. Knowing the difference between factory farms’ treatment of animals, based on a food label or packaging is impossible for most consumers. There is not enough information provided, and unfortunately, the majority of shoppers do not know what

House Passes Trade Promotion Authority

House Passes Trade Promotion Authority


The U.S. House of Representatives passed Trade Promotion Authority today with a vote of 218 to 208, as stand-alone legislation. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association strongly supports TPA and applauds the House for taking this necessary step to securing future free trade deals that will boost American exports.

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