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The GMO, Clean Water, Climate Change Dilema

The GMO, Clean Water, Climate Change Dilema

Fred H. (Sam) Johnson III


Two seemingly unrelated stories came across the wire today.  The fist can be found in Fortune magazine "The War on Big Food" and the second on the Christian Science Monitor,  What’s driving rapid recovery of American waterways? – CSMonitor.com .  The " Big Food" story states that 85% of consumers are concerned with GMOs in our food and the second story documents how Americas waterways are improving.

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How EPA flooded the zone on water rule

How EPA flooded the zone on water rule

Washington Examiner

Government has many tools to instill public confidence. The most praiseworthy ones are transparency and accountability. When government works in the open and invites feedback, citizens can feel like they are part of the process, instead of being imposed upon by outside forces.

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Fly Control Around Cattle Feeding Facilities

Fly Control Around Cattle Feeding Facilities

Steve Boyles

Feedlot Magazine

Around Concentrated Animal Feeding areas, major fly breeding/resting areas have a lot to do with EDGES!

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