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BeefTalk: Genetic Diversity is a Good Thing

BeefTalk: Genetic Diversity is a Good Thing

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Let me preface this BeefTalk by saying the world always is changing and the beef industry is not immune to those changes. As a beef industry, if producers only read and visit about beef production and associated issues, the industry eventually will fail. That is not to say the activities that will replace the beef industry are better, but ignorance of change results in change.

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Is ag research important?

Is ag research important?

Heather Dann

Bovine Veterinarian

During a recent flight to Wisconsin the woman seated next to me asked where I was going. She wasn’t satisfied with my polite and concise answer of “Green Bay”; she wanted more detail. She was a talker.

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Harvest schedule for first cutting alfalfa

Harvest schedule for first cutting alfalfa

Phil Kaatz

Michigan State University

Alfalfa producers wanting to harvest alfalfa according to forage quality will want to keep a close eye on the growing degree days (GDD) in the next 10-15 days. Using the calendar as the standard for harvesting alfalfa can lead to forages harvested at neutral detergent fiber (NDF) levels unsatisfactory for production goals.

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Control Failures Becoming More Common for Some Dewormers

Control Failures Becoming More Common for Some Dewormers

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

Whether you’re a large cattleman or a small producer just getting in the business, the dewormer talk is a good one to have with your veterinarian. Some lower cost products that used to work well aren’t as effective these days.

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Windrow Grazing Annual Forages in the Growing Season to Increase Harvest Efficiency and Productivity

Windrow Grazing Annual Forages in the Growing Season to Increase Harvest Efficiency and Productivity

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

Forage values in Nebraska for growing season grazing have seen significant increases over the last several years. Demand for grains encouraged many producers to convert tillable pasture land to crop land. In addition strong cattle prices have strengthened demand for summer grazing.

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Never Too Soon to Plan For Hay and Pasture Needs

Never Too Soon to Plan For Hay and Pasture Needs

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

For many producers the last four or five years have been particularly challenging, especially when it came to providing for the forage needs of the cow herd. With the exceptionally dry conditions that many areas have and continue to experience, many operations found themselves very short of hay, stockpiled standing forage, silage or other roughages.

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Care for your stock trailer

Care for your stock trailer

John Maday


During the Cattle Transportation Symposium at Colorado State University, University of Tennessee emeritus professor Clyde Lane, PhD, outlines some considerations for minimizing risk and stress while transporting cattle in stock trailers.

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