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Colostrum Replacers or Supplements?

Colostrum Replacers or Supplements?

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

There is considerable difference between a replacer and a supplement. There are essentially two products available — colostrum replacers and colostrum supplements.

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Time to Kill Toxic Fescue, When Grass Grows Strong

Time to Kill Toxic Fescue, When Grass Grows Strong

University of Missouri

"Now is the time to kill toxic tall fescue," says Craig Roberts, forage specialist. Pasture renovation to plant new novel-endophyte fescue is a long process. Mid-May is time to start spray-smother-spray controls.

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Trials for ‘foothill abortion’ vaccine expand

Trials for ‘foothill abortion’ vaccine expand

Red Bluff Daily News

Thanks in part to researchers at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, cattle ranchers in California, Nevada and Oregon are one step closer to having a vaccine available to treat a tick-borne bacterial disease — commonly known as foothill abortion — which kills cow fetuses.

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Moo-ving time: Mini cattle drive to be part of Boulder oatgrass fix

Moo-ving time: Mini cattle drive to be part of Boulder oatgrass fix

Charlie Brennan

Daily Camera

It’s no return to the glory days of massive herds rumbling past Denver on the Goodnight-Loving Trail. But in the coming days, Boulder reckons to see the closest approximation of a cattle drive the 21st century is likely to offer in these parts.

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In Brazil, cattle industry begins to help fight deforestation

In Brazil, cattle industry begins to help fight deforestation

Allie Wilkinson


Cattle ranching has been the primary driver of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, as huge swaths of rainforest are cleared to make way for agriculture. But “zero-deforestation agreements” signed by some of Brazil’s big beef industry players appear to be helping reduce the destruction, a new study concludes.

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Are cows drinking the West dry? — High Country News

Are cows drinking the West dry? — High Country News

Tom Ribe

High Country News

On a recent trip to California, I visited the North Coast, where spring usually means green hills with deep grass strewn with lupine and bright orange poppies bobbing in sea breezes.

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Final WOTUS may be Released this Week

Final WOTUS may be Released this Week

Todd Neeley


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is set to release the final waters of the United States rule this week, the New York Times, reported Monday in a piece that documents how the agency conducted a grassroots campaign to build support for a rule that has been widely unpopular across the country.

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Recruitment necessary to fill agricultural career opportunities

Recruitment necessary to fill agricultural career opportunities

Amanda Radke


In a recent news release, USDA cited an employee outlook report conducted by USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and Purdue University, that showed the growing demand for college graduates who have degrees in agricultural programs.

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U.S. loses meat labeling case; trade war looms

U.S. loses meat labeling case; trade war looms

Krista Hughes


Canada and Mexico are readying trade sanctions against the United States after they won a meat labeling dispute on Monday, increasing pressure on the U.S. Congress to scrap the laws.

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Legislation to repeal COOL is introduced

Legislation to repeal COOL is introduced

Bob Meyer

Brownfield Network

The chair of the House Agriculture Committee has introduced legislation to repeal Country of Origin Labeling.  Chairman Mike Conaway says he was joined by 61 colleagues in introducing HR 2393to repeal COOL for beef, pork and chicken.

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