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Baxter Black, DVM: Oneupsmanship

Baxter Black, DVM: Oneupsmanship

No tellin’ how many good dogs he outlived, no matter how good your dog was, he’d once had a collie, a healer or gyp that did everything your dog does and more!

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What’s Growing in Your Pastures?

What’s Growing in Your Pastures?

Barb Baylor Anderson

Angus Journal

Do you know what’s growing in your pastures? Do you have the best mix of grasses and legumes for your herd? Are you growing too many weeds amongst your forages

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3 reproduction terms beef producers should understand

3 reproduction terms beef producers should understand

Beef Producer

Beef producers should both understand estrous and AI processes and have realistic expectations for their efficacy

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How do I determine a hay price?

How do I determine a hay price?

Andrew Griffith


Hay equipment is being greased, tractors are being fueled, and hay producers are keeping an eye toward the sky in hopes of a few days of precipitation free weather to harvest hay.

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Cattle Grazing Encourages New Growth of Natives on CRP Land

Cattle Grazing Encourages New Growth of Natives on CRP Land

Loretta Sorensen

Progressive Farmer

In many parts of California, high-priced crops and even higher-priced land have left traditional ranchers with little room to roam. The Stone family has faced the challenge with innovative practices that are a boon to both its cattle herd and the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres used as part of its grazing program.

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How to Stop Flies from Harassing Your Herd

How to Stop Flies from Harassing Your Herd

Hoard’s Dairyman

Chris Carter

With the frigid frostiness of winter seemingly in the rear view, we—and your cattle—can now rejoice that spring has finally arrived. No more drastic temperature changes from relatively warm to teeth chattering cold — we hope.

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Tips on Selling and Purchasing Hay

Tips on Selling and Purchasing Hay

North Carolina State University

It is customary in many areas to price hay by the bale.  Purchasing and selling hay by the ton is rapidly becoming a more equitable method of buying hay. Purchasing hay by the ton allows buyers to know precisely how much hay they are getting for their money, provided the hay is cured properly and accurately weighed.

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“Wean or Sell Calves” A Management : Marketing Option For Feeder Calf Producers

"Wean or Sell Calves" A Management : Marketing Option For Feeder Calf Producers

Phil Osborne

West Virginia University

West Virginia beef producers wrestling with management and marketing options for feeder cattle. Specifically, what is the economic feasibility of selling calves early versus weaning and feeding them for 60 days until the Quality Assurance Feeder Calf sales?

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Women make up for over half US agriculture graduates

Women make up for over half US agriculture graduates

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Network

A recent survey shows women make up more than half of today’s agriculture graduates in the US. Assistant dean emeritus for Purdue University’s College of Agriculture Allan Goecker says there have been some big changes since the survey began in 1980.

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Steroids for cattle causing sex changes in fish

Steroids for cattle causing sex changes in fish

Robert Ferris


A hormone used to raise beef cattle may be staying in the environment longer than previously believed and changing the sex of fish, among other effects.

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