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BeefTalk: Prepare for the Unexpected, Live the Expected

BeefTalk: Prepare for the Unexpected, Live the Expected

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Spring showers should bring spring flowers and it will. However, the concern for moisture always is present and foremost in most producer discussions. We anticipate rain but that does not mean it will.

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Fewer cows are becoming beef

Fewer cows are becoming beef

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

There are fewer cows going to slaughter and more meat in the bank, so to speak. Monthly USDA reports released last week are a glimpse at the changing scenery of the current market; fewer, heavier animals are going to slaughter and increasingly more of them are steers than females, and the strong U.S. economy coupled with weak seasonal consumer beef demand has stores of beef building up in freezers.

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Understanding grass tetany

Understanding grass tetany

Stacy White

Middlesboro Daily News

Spring in the bluegrass is a great time of greening and warming, but it’s also a time when livestock producers need to watch out for grass tetany, also called spring tetany or grass staggers. Some people also refer to it as wheat pasture poisoning, winter tetany or lactation tetany. Regardless, it’s a condition caused by an abnormally low level of magnesium in the blood of livestock.

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Fly control for beef cattle

Fly control for beef cattle

Paul Gonzalez


My position allows me to work with a variety of producers. All of them have their own philosophy on how to raise cattle. No matter how different these may be they all ask some of the same questions. One of these is, “What is the best thing for flies?” I have had this question quite a bit this year, as the flies seem to be worse than normal.

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Saddle and Sirloin to Honor Iowa’s Dave Nichols

Saddle and Sirloin to Honor Iowa’s Dave Nichols


Dave Nichols of Bridgewater, Iowa, has been selected as the 2015 inductee into the Saddle and Sirloin Portrait Gallery, largely considered the highest honor in the livestock industry. The Saddle and Sirloin Gallery was established in 1903, and recognizes one individual each year for their lifetime of exceptional service to the livestock business, both nationally and internationally.

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Cattle health should remain top priority for ranchers

Cattle health should remain top priority for ranchers

Tom Haynie

Bandera County Courier

As the State of Texas continues dealing with violence and other critical issues along the Texas-Mexico border, the threat of an animal disease and parasite outbreak continues to grow. Cattle are constantly being transported into Texas, and the lack of proper border security creates health inspection challenges along the border region of Texas and Mexico. This is of grave concern to me as a cattle rancher.

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Beef herd is rebuilding, but what’s next?

Beef herd is rebuilding, but what’s next?

Derrell S. Peel

Midwest Producer

The long-awaited end to beef cow herd liquidation happened in 2014 as the industry abruptly switched to expansion. The 2.1 percent increase in beef cow numbers in 2014 was more than generally expected but not a big surprise as the conditions were right for such a turnaround.

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Cottonwood Cattle Producers invite all to new Beef Royale

Cottonwood Cattle Producers invite all to new Beef Royale

Farm and Ranch Guide

This is the 48th year of the Beef Royale, held in southwest Minnesota, but organizers have made big changes to the annual event. This year’s finishing cattle show will be held on Tuesday, June 16, at the Lamberton Stockyards. Traditionally, the live and carcass show has been held in August, but members of the Cottonwood Cattle Producers realized that farmers were selling their yearling finishing steers and heifers earlier in the year. So they moved the date up this year.

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Merck Animal Health releases new cattle handling video

Merck Animal Health releases new cattle handling video

Progressive Cattlemen

Merck Animal Health has released an educational video about cattle shipping and transportation as part of its CreatingConnections program – designed to help producers better understand cattle behavior and use that knowledge to help reduce stress, improve reproduction and foster stronger immune responses.

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