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Get to Know Nitrate Toxicity

Get to Know Nitrate Toxicity

Beef Today

A beef producer’s worst nightmare is walking out into a pasture or pen and seeing dead cattle. After the shock of seeing the animals lost, diagnosing the cause is important to avert further losses.

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Considerations for Delayed Calving to Fall for Open Cows

Considerations for Delayed Calving to Fall for Open Cows

Ryan Sterry

University of Wisconsin

Much of the focus for beef cattle reproduction programs is on breeding cows in a timely fashion and narrowing the range of the calving window.  There’s no getting around the fact that excessive days open, and open cows at calving season, cause considerable financial losses for cow/calf operations.

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Can nutrition alter beef calf genes in utero?

Can nutrition alter beef calf genes in utero?

Beef Producer

Recent information indicates gene expression of fetal calves can be manipulated by factors like the nutritional status of the cow. Randy Wiedmeier, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension, says this differs from what he has taught for several decades.

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The Other Side of the ‘Beef is Bad’ Story

The Other Side of the ‘Beef is Bad’ Story

Keri Gans

US News and World Report

I can’t really tell you why I switched back to eating meat, but I do know when I did. I was at the Palm in East Hampton eyeing my husband’s steak and decided to take a bite. One bite became many bites, and before I knew it, the next time we ate there, I ordered my own. Now I’m hooked.

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Three Thing to Look for in Your Cattle Mineral

Three Thing to Look for in Your Cattle Mineral


Whether you buy a mineral off the shelf at a retail store, walk into your local dealer and request their ‘standard’ mineral or work closely with your nutritionist to select a mineral supplement for your herd, sorting through the various mineral types can sometimes be a daunting task. It may even be a purchase decision that’s so complex you simply cling to the generic or most popular mineral available in your area.

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The fall and rise of the mid-size farm

The fall and rise of the mid-size farm

Nathanael Johnson


Mid-sized farms are getting squeezed out of our food system. And there’s a story behind every single one of those numbers. Here are two stories: one about losing the farm — and one about hanging on and making it pay.

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Big opportunities lie in beef production

Big opportunities lie in beef production

Barb Glen

The Western Producer

Cattle prices are high, beef demand is high and good times are likely to keep rolling until at least 2019. So said Canfax senior analyst Brian Perillat and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association consultant John Paterson at a recent Angus-sponsored cattle feeder meeting in Lethbridge.

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Answering Tough Ag Questions

Answering Tough Ag Questions

Cyndie Sirekis

Idaho Farm Bureau

Through social media, America’s farmers and ranchers explain why they do certain things when raising animals for food. This communication is not just one way. Facebook posts from the farm, tweets from the tractor seat and blogs from the “back 40” allow members of the non-farming public to ask questions on everything from how today’s food is grown to how it is processed and eventually brought to market.

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Weather and Nutritional Effects on Birth Weight

Weather and Nutritional Effects on Birth Weight

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Calving ease expected progeny differences (EPDs) are useful when trying to minimize dystocia. Other factors play a role, as well. Ken Olson, South Dakota State University Extension beef specialist, says nutrition of the cow is a factor.

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Three Ways to Improve Breeding Efficiency

Three Ways to Improve Breeding Efficiency

Responsible Beef

In the midst of calving season, it’s easy for cattle producers to lose sight of the upcoming breeding season. A successful breeding season is crucial to reproductive efficiency. And if cows are not rebred quickly and efficiently, profits are negatively impacted.

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