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Baxter Black, DVM: East Coast-West Coast

Baxter Black, DVM: East Coast-West Coast

I was back in New York last winter speaking to the Beef Producers Association. I have been on the east coast often and have developed a good sense of how their urban neighbors look at the ag industry.

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Genotyping Technology Can Help with Cattle Selection

Genotyping Technology Can Help with Cattle Selection

Matthew D. Garcia

Cattle Today

What are genotyping technologies? The genotyping technologies that are currently being marketed to beef producers are based off of genetic markers that have been identified to be associated with economically important traits.

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Livestock Show Animal Health Workshop

Livestock Show Animal Health Workshop

Blair Fannin

Angus Journal

A recent workshop hosted at Texas A&M University and made available to online participants taught attendees preventive care and treatment tips with livestock show projects.

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Think Generations Ahead When Picking a Bull

Think Generations Ahead When Picking a Bull

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Let me start by saying I believe that just about everything has some heritability to it. …Be a picky "buyer" when choosing a bull, even if that bull is coming from your own herd.

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Artificial insemination increases profits

Artificial insemination increases profits

Robert Wells

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Calf prices have steadily increased for several years. Since spring 2014, replacement female prices have remained at record levels as well. It is only reasonable that bull prices would follow the trend. This has led many producers to explore options to owning enough bulls to cover their cows in a defined breeding season.

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Helping youth reframe livestock competition

Helping youth reframe livestock competition

Makena Schultz

Michigan State University

When you ask someone who isn’t involved in 4-H if they’ve heard of the program, the response is often skewed towards activities revolving around agriculture and livestock. In thinking long and hard about why this might be, two things come to mind.

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FDA releases draft of animal feed safety regulations

FDA releases draft of animal feed safety regulations

Beef Producer

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration draft guidance to ensure the safety of animal feed on farms is now available for public comment, but one animal feed group is uncertain the industry had enough input in creating the draft regulations.

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This Very Expensive Bull Is Fueling America’s Prime Steak

This Very Expensive Bull Is Fueling America’s Prime Steak

Lydia Mulvany


Perhaps more than ever, the money in the beef business is in the marbling. Joe Mayer knows this well. At his ranch in Guymon, Oklahoma, a small town along the High Plains north of Texas, Mayer dotes on the “super bull” he bought last year for $130,000. The jet-black bull — Momentum is his name — has one job: Sire cattle whose meat displays the flavor-enhancing fatty tissue, or marbling, that is a hallmark of prime beef cuts including high-end Porterhouse steaks and filet mignon.

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Tennessee Cattlemen’s Feature: Kent Carter

Tennessee Cattlemen’s Feature: Kent Carter

Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association

Kent Carter dedicated most of his life to the military and now, he and his family have settled on a farm in Philadelphia, TN where they raise cattle and goats. He loves his life on the farm, especially having the ability to have his many grandchildren visit and learn about livestock.

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Breed-back on first-calf heifers starts with nutrition

Breed-back on first-calf heifers starts with nutrition

Wes Ishmael


“Heifers that calve in the first 21 days of their first calving season, on average, remain in the herd a year longer than those that don’t,” says Warren Rusche, South Dakota State University Extension cow-calf field specialist.

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