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Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Kevin and Lydia Yon will never forget October 1995. On one day that month, the owner of Congaree Farms called the young couple into his office and told them the cattle needed to be gone in six months — and so did they. It was not a good day.

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It’s time to change our woeful beef marketing system

It’s time to change our woeful beef marketing system

Troy Marshall


The futures market and government insurance programs have been the foremost tools for cattle producers looking to manage their risk. We’ve all been taught to combine those tools with our marketing and managing practices to manage our risk, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that these risk management tools are inadequate in our changing marketing structure and increased market volatility.

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Beef group calls for end to Cuba embargo

Beef group calls for end to Cuba embargo

Beef Producer

Returning from a four-day visit to Cuba earlier this month, Jack Alexander, United States Cattlemen’s Association Public Lands Committee Co-Chair, joined more than 95 members of the U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba in reiterating a call for Congress to end the U.S. embargo.

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Crossbreeding gets you more than just hybrid vigor

Crossbreeding gets you more than just hybrid vigor

Burt Rutherford


“The best thing about heterosis,” says Joe Paschal, Texas AgriLife Extension beef specialist in Corpus Christie, “is that it’s cumulative. So as you start down a crossbreeding program, the fact that you have daughters that are more fertile, produce more milk and have longer longevity, that’s the real benefit.”

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Showmanship Showcases Responsibility at Alabama Junior Beef Expo

Showmanship Showcases Responsibility at Alabama Junior Beef Expo

Jeff Helms

Alabama Farmers Federation

Young people from Lee and Jackson counties took top honors at the Alabama Junior Beef Expo Showmanship Contest March 21 in Montgomery. The event was sponsored by Alabama Farmers Federation, Alfa Insurance and Alabama Farmers Agriculture Foundation.

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Plan to double beef checkoff draws mixed reaction

Plan to double beef checkoff draws mixed reaction

Janelle Atyeo

Tri State Neighbor

While national cattle organizations have signed off on a proposal to increase the Beef Checkoff Program from collecting $1 per head of cattle sold to $2, some South Dakota producers are not pleased with the changes.

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Farmers Unite to Fight Organic Attack Video

Farmers Unite to Fight Organic Attack Video


The YouTube video was produced by a group called Only Organic and features children acting out a school play singing “Old McDonald had a Farm” with lyrics about pesticides and GMOs and hormones and antibiotics.

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Is Talk Cheap in Farm Animal Welfare?

Is Talk Cheap in Farm Animal Welfare?

Tim Amlaw

Cause Matters

“Talk is cheap,” they say. With all due respect, those of us at American Humane Association’s farm animal welfare programs disagree. We think it’s time for farmers, ranchers and consumers to discuss why farm animal welfare’s important.

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The End of Farming

The End of Farming

Ronald Bailey


Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

If cultured beef entirely replaced the conventional kind that would mean that 35 million acres of cropland, 565 million acres of pastureland, and 55 million acres of land used to grow hay could revert to nature. That 655 million acres amounts to just over 1 million square miles of land, equal in size to all of the U.S. states east of the Mississippi River, plus California.

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Did we retain heifers in 2014? Yes. Now what?

Did we retain heifers in 2014? Yes. Now what?

University of Minnesota Beef Team

Market signals for expansion and good weather conditions were instrumental for the first recorded beef cow herd expansion since 2005 when a modest 0.4 percent increase of 140,000 cows was observed.

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