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Baxter Black, DVM:  Fetal Eye View

Baxter Black, DVM:  Fetal Eye View

“Say, anybody got a light? It sure is dark in here

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Determining energy value of oil-extracted corn DGS in feedlot cattle diets

Determining energy value of oil-extracted corn DGS in feedlot cattle diets

Alex Hohertz

University of Minnesota

Distillers grains with solubles (DGS) are a co-product of fuel ethanol production and have a long history of being fed to livestock; the first study about feeding distillers grains to cattle in the United States was published in 1907.

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Study looks at feed efficiency

Study looks at feed efficiency

Jeff DeYoung

Minnesota Farm Guide

Dan Shike believes if cattle producers correctly manage feed costs and efficiency, profitability will increase. Shike, an animal scientist with the University of Illinois, spoke to producers at the Cornbelt Cow/Calf Conference here Jan. 31

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Clemson Bull Test draws record crowd, prices

Clemson Bull Test draws record crowd, prices

The Easley Progress

In the most closely watched test so far this semester, all the students passed with flying colors. Then they were sold. The 2015 Clemson University Bull Test saw 43 bulls and 19 heifers graduate Feb. 7 at the T. Ed Garrison Livestock Arena, drawing nearly 400 South Carolina cattle producers and record prices at auction.

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Livestock care in sub-zero temperatures

Livestock care in sub-zero temperatures

Dr. Judy Marteniuk

Michigan State University

As we sit in our warm houses and look out the window at the bleak, cold, wintery landscape, don’t forget about our livestock that live out of doors. This brutal February weather appears to have no end in sight. With each degree drop in temperature below freezing, their energy requirements increase by 1 percent.

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What is actually Staff Obama’s beef with beef?

What is actually Staff Obama’s beef with beef?

The Beacon Review

Absolutely everyone is aware of that anyone who has held the office environment of the President of the United States has an approved right to use the bully pulpit as he sees suit. But it is really truly setting up to glance like this president and his total administration reserves that bully pulpit to conquer up on legislation-abiding American enterprises and even person citizens.

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11 Things You’ll Most Definitely Learn Growing Up on a Farm

11 Things You’ll Most Definitely Learn Growing Up on a Farm


There are certain things that only living on a farm can teach you. Whether it’s learning from a young age that chores aren’t just for a Saturday morning or the value of your neighbors, check out the 11 things you’ll most definitely learn on the farm.

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5 ways ranchers prepare for a snowstorm

5 ways ranchers prepare for a snowstorm

Kelsey Pope

Ag on the 4front

We have a big snowstorm coming for the Plains today, but our cattle are ready for it.   This is how we prepare for a big snow storm.

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Interest Rates and Their Impact on Agriculture

Interest Rates and Their Impact on Agriculture

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Kentucky-based Michael Smith, a regional vice president for Farm Credit Mid-America, spoke on the subject of interest rates and their impact on agriculture. He talked about the economic outlook globally and in the United States. Smith said 3.4% growth in global productivity is expected in 2015, while U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) is projected to grow by 3.4%.

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Fescue May Lower Conception Rates Two Ways

Fescue May Lower Conception Rates Two Ways

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Researchers and cattle producers have known for years that fescue pastures containing a common toxic endophyte can hurt cow conception rates. That same endophyte can affect semen quality in bulls as well.

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