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Baxter Black, DVM: Harry Johnson

Baxter Black, DVM:  Harry Johnson

I was reminded of Harry Johnson today. I’d been drivin’ down a long stretch of country road. The snow blowin’ up in the rearview mirror, a thermos of coffee in the seat and the sun warmin’ the cab of the pickup.

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Concerns Feeding Energy Supplements

Concerns Feeding Energy Supplements

South Dakota Ag Connection

The dramatic drop in corn prices may have some cattle producers thinking about exchanging their high protein forage supplement with corn. This is not a good idea, said Ken Olson, Professor & SDSU Extension Beef specialist.

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Calf Scours

Calf Scours

Dr. Tom R. Troxel

University of Arkansas

Calf scours or diarrhea is a very costly problem for many producers. Calf scours is not the actual disease that plagues the calves; it is only the clinical sign. Calves suffering from scours can become critically ill in a short time. The pathogens that are the causative agents are not the actual causes of death in affected calves. Dehydration, electrolyte depletion and acid-base imbalances are the underlying causes of the animal’s demise.

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Hereford feeder cattle website links sellers and buyers.

Hereford feeder cattle website links sellers and buyers.


Looking to sell top-quality Hereford feeder calves? Looking to buy? Then check out http://www.HerefordFeederCattle.com, a collaboration between the American Hereford Association and Certified Hereford Beef.

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Sync Estrus for Better Conception Rates

Sync Estrus for Better Conception Rates

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

A good program for estrus syncing can help producers make sure cows are bred earlier in the season.

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Mud pulls down cattle performance

Mud pulls down cattle performance

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

The last couple weeks have been host to cool, wet weather. Resulting from that weather, muddy conditions have been very persistent. Not only is mud a hassle for farmers conducting daily chores, but it can also negatively affect cattle performance.

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Beef Up Farm Safety Integrate Safety in Your Cattle Operation

Beef Up Farm Safety Integrate Safety in Your Cattle Operation

American Cattleman

When raising livestock, even the gentlest cows may unintentionally cause injury to a handler. In fact, the National Agricultural Safety Database statistics show that one in three farm worker injuries involve handling animals.

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Motherly  Instinct-Tips on assisting the bonding process.

Motherly  Instinct-Tips on assisting the bonding process.

Hereford World

Heather Smith Thomas

Occasionally you encounter a cow or heifer that doesn’t want to mother her newborn calf. Most reluctant mamas change their minds in a day or so and are good mothers from then on. A few seem to have a hormonal deficit, and even though you persuade them to mother the calf this year, they are reluctant again at the next calving.

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Good – Better – Best-Ranch Record Keeping

Good – Better – Best-Ranch Record Keeping

Kristin Hawkins

The Cattleman

Keeping records on the ranch has come a long way since the days of pencil and paper. The reasons for keeping ranch records have also grown as the cattle industry and the technology to track it have advanced.

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Consumers aren’t willing to pay more for country-of-origin label

Consumers aren’t willing to pay more for country-of-origin label

Janell Thomas

Indiana Prairie Farmer

COOL might not be so cool with grocery shoppers according to K-State, Oklahoma State study. Most grocery shoppers aren’t aware meats carry a label indicating the origin of the product, and they aren’t willing to pay for one, either, a new study from Kansas State University and Oklahoma State University points out.

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