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The Heifer Version of “Girl on Fire”

The Heifer Version of "Girl on Fire"

Steve McDonald

Beef Producer

In central Texas there are two calving seasons, both six months long — spring and fall. The heifer showed up in mid July with an oversized calf stuck in her, and several thousand horn flies buzzing around her body, a very heavy infestation.

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Piedmontese Go Premium

Piedmontese Go Premium

Loretta Sorensen

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Shane Peed knows how to fill a niche beef market. During the past 10 years, he and his family at the Lone Creek Cattle Company (LCCC) have refined a production system focused on bringing Piedmontese beef to consumers. It’s a no-fuss approach for cow/calf producers who want to step into the niche side of beef production.

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New Profit Centers for Your Cattle Operation

New Profit Centers for Your Cattle Operation

Randy Saner

University of Nebraska

Research conducted by Rick Funston, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Beef Cattle Reproductive Physiologist indicated you can lower feed costs by $70 to $100 dollars by developing heifers on pasture with limited supplementation at lower breeding weights. Also, heifer calves are at their lowest value at weaning. The price differential between steers and heifers is reduced when heifers are marketed at heavier weights.

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Grazing Stockpiled Forages to Reduce Hay Feeding During Fall and Winter

Grazing Stockpiled Forages to Reduce Hay Feeding During Fall and Winter

John Jennings, Kenny Simon, Paul Beck, Shane Gadberry, Steven M. Jones, Tom Troxel, Dirk Philipp

University of Arkansas Stockpiling forage is the practice of accumulating forage growth intended for grazing in a later season. Stockpiling forages beginning in late summer works well in Arkansas for providing late fall and winter grazing.

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Cow-calf producers: Plan beyond 2015 to figure out what to do in 2015

Cow-calf producers: Plan beyond 2015 to figure out what to do in 2015

Derrell S. Peel


The euphoria of high cattle prices in 2014 leads, for some cow-calf producers, to uneasiness and indecision in 2015.  The question is how to best take advantage of the current market.

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Does your farm have open cows?

Does your farm have open cows?

Travis Meteer

The Cattle Business Weekly

Open cows are simply a fact of the cattle business. Managing to achieve a 100% pregnancy rate is simply not cost effective, nor should it be your goal. Having a few open cows every year implies some selection pressure is being put on fertility and animals best-fit for your environment.

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Pasture conditions, cattle numbers affect beef prices

Pasture conditions, cattle numbers affect beef prices

Mail Tribune

"Pasture conditions have improved somewhat in the Southern Plains and Southwest but not significantly in the West," the report says. "In addition, improved crop yields allow cattle producers to feed cattle longer and to hold cattle for expansion.

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Tips to keep pricey calves alive

Tips to keep pricey calves alive

Beef Producer

It’s 2015 and beef cattle producers are gearing up for calving season. With cattle prices expected to remain strong moving forward, keeping these pricey calves alive is critical this winter. University of Missouri livestock specialist Eldon Cole offers cattlemen several management practices that can help them this coming season.

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Developing a Reproductively Sound Cow Herd

Developing a Reproductively Sound Cow Herd

News Barb

According to the most recent Agriculture Census conducted by the USDA, Greene County ranks out of 92 counties in cattle and calves production. With over 11,000 beef animals in our 19th county, it is important to stay knowledgeable and informed with improvement methods in the beef industry.

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New event anchors commercial cattle producer weekend at BHSS

New event anchors commercial cattle producer weekend at BHSS

Deb Holland

Rapid City Journal

The Cattleman’s Conference sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) is anchoring a weekend of activities for commercial cattle producers at the 2015 Black Hills Stock Show. Cattleman’s Conference, scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 31 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Rapid City, gives livestock producers the opportunity to learn about topics that impact their bottom line now and in the future.

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