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Baxter Black, DVM:  The Manly Arts

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Manly Arts

People ask where I got my mittens, my saddle blanket, my wild rag, my dog’s muffler, my colorful selection of pot holders that hang in my tackroom.

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BeefTalk: Revising the Red Angus and Simmental Bull Pen

BeefTalk: Revising the Red Angus and Simmental Bull Pen

Kris Ringwall

NDSU Extension Service

The Dickinson Research Extension Center tries to buy bulls low in birth weight, moderate in growth and milk and excelling in carcass traits. Bulls with these genetics are for sale and, with some bidding, are available to bring home.

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Calving Management

Calving Management

Lee VanVlake

Southeast Cattle Advisor

Southeast cattle farmers and ranchers have begun a very busy and critical time of the year. Most producers have already begun calving season and some are considering improving management practices. Producers can make calving season more predictable, more profitable, and less stressful by implementing some key management practices.

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Bovine Leukemia Virus Control

Bovine Leukemia Virus Control

Lew Strickland

Beef Today

Bovine leucosis is caused by a retrovirus and is spread through the transfer of blood and/or blood products from an infected to a susceptible animal. The prevalence of BLV is high in the US.

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Putting feedlot runoff in its place

Putting feedlot runoff in its place

Wendy Sweeter

The Tri-State Neighbor

Many beef producers continue to look for ways to improve their impact on the environment. One way to do that for feedlot operators is to install a vegetative treatment system.

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AARD tool can be used to assess winter feeding sites

AARD tool can be used to assess winter feeding sites

Alberta Farmer

The Wintering Site Assessment and Design Tool can help producers identify environmental risks associated with in-field winter feeding sites and systems.

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Converting Cropland Back to Grass Pastures

Converting Cropland Back to Grass Pastures

Daren Redfearn

University of Nebraska

Decreased corn prices and increased cattle prices have stimulated interest in converting cropland back into grass pastures. There are two NebGuides that provide details for establishing grass pastures.

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The Temple is crumbling

The Temple is crumbling

Trent Loos

High Plains Journal

I want to start by saying that Temple Grandin has made a positive contribution to the handling of animals in working facilities and in packing plants. Anyone must marvel at her ability to overcome the challenges of being autistic and functional in today’s world.

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Understand the nutrient requirements of the young cow

Understand the nutrient requirements of the young cow

Brent Plugge

Kearney Hub

The most pivotal time for a beef cow to maintain a position in the beef herd is the first three months after her first calf is born. Her nutrient needs are high during this time because she has a nutrient requirement for lactation and because she is not yet a mature cow, also has a nutrient requirement for growth.

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Demand study: Quality builds future for beef

Demand study: Quality builds future for beef

Minnesota Farm Guide

People in the cattle business, especially those with cow-calf herds, are enjoying per-head income levels unimagined even a few years ago. A glance at the corn market may remind them things can change, but a University of Missouri white paper says they can take action now to stay on a higher profit plane.

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