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Will reducing the beef cattle population help the environment?

Will reducing the beef cattle population help the environment?

Carol Ann Swan


According to an Associated Press article published on January 2, 2015, an advisory panel that assists the Agricultural Department is set to release its recommendation that reducing the consumption of animal protein, specifically cow meat, will be healthier to the environment. As a result, it is believed that the government’s newest dietary guidelines will more than likely focus on a diet heavily fortified with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other non-meat options.

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A Breed Apart, Katie Parker Is Out of the Chute in Bucking-Bulls Business

A Breed Apart, Katie Parker Is Out of the Chute in Bucking-Bulls Business

Raiza Giorgi


“Folks don’t realize all the work that goes into training a bucking bull even before the rider gets on,” Parker told Noozhawk. “The work starts before they are born, getting the right mix of genetics when breeding to raising the bull.”

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Importance of pregnancy detection

Importance of pregnancy detection

George Perry and Olivia Amundson


Beef cows need to become pregnant, deliver healthy calves and wean productive calves in order for producers to make their operation economically profitable. However, every year beef females fail to become pregnant for numerous reasons including anestrous, pre-puberty, disease, sub-optimal management, and unknown reasons.

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Brassicas can benefit pasture systems

Brassicas can benefit pasture systems

Jane Fyksen

Farm and Ranch Guide

So why brassicas in pastures? Benson says they provide high-quality feed in the summer and fall when pasture quality can often be low. They have high digestibility and energy (11 to 14 mega joules of metabolisable energy per kilogram of dry matter), leading Benson to caution that you can feed too much of this, similar to a concentrate.

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Beaver dam may explain death of 17 head of cattle

Beaver dam may explain death of 17 head of cattle

Tim Gallagher

Iowa Farmer Today

Seventeen cows recently perished, apparently victims of a beaver dam. One bull and 16 bred females died, all owned by Dave Groepper of rural Kingsley. He found all of them in a creek bed early Dec. 6.

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CattleFax Webinar to be Held January 21

CattleFax Webinar to be Held January 21


Cow-calf producers are at a fork in the road, according to CattleFax, the global leader in beef industry research, analysis and information. The current expansion environment has produced record profitability and exposed the segment to more financial and production risk than any other time in recent history.

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Cheap corn, record high cattle prices make for great year that producers say will continue

Cheap corn, record high cattle prices make for great year that producers say will continue

Tri State Livestock News

With cattle numbers at a historic low in the United States and feed costs down considerably from the highs of 2013, the price of all classes of cattle are high. Record prices were being paid for all classes of cattle, but the cost of feeder cattle, whether yearlings or calves, was breaking records all fall.

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Winter Tetany in Beef Cattle

Winter Tetany in Beef Cattle

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

Grass tetany is considered a problem that usually occurs when cattle or sheep are eating lush, spring grass or annual cereal forages such as rye, wheat or triticale; but, it can also occur when cattle are being fed harvested forages.

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Farming has to be a for-profit business

Farming has to be a for-profit business

Chuck Jolley

Feedstuffs FoodLink

I AM a proud factory farmer. I do what I do efficiently and productively while benefitting many. Those two lines came from a man I was interviewing a few weeks ago, and I immediately double underlined them in my notes. It’s a statement that perfectly describes most of today’s farmers — at least the ones who view their work as a for-profit profession.

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2015 Cattle Prices May Be Higher Than 2014

2015 Cattle Prices May Be Higher Than 2014

Vic Schoonover

Lawton Constitution

Two individuals with plenty of experience with the cattle industry provide some insight into the causes of the 2014 record cattle prices and what may be happening in the new year of 2015. Michael Kelsey, executive vice president of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association, and Oklahoma State University Extension marketing specialist Derrell Peel agree 2014 was a record-setting year for the state’s beef cattle markets.

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