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Financing replacements: Same decision, different angle

Financing replacements: Same decision, different angle

Scott Clawson


As expected, the current bred heifer market has reached remarkable price levels. While most of the discussion is focused on the initial price tag, looking at it from what each heifer/cow is expected to provide financially can provide some perspective.

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Admit it; sometimes, science stinks

Admit it; sometimes, science stinks

Lucas Sjostrom

Bovine Veterinarian

This week, an industry commentator called our family of publications on the carpet for comments by Chuck Jolley – a regular contributor to Drovers/Cattle Network and our other Vance Agribusiness publications – in his interview with Mercy for Animals (MFA) founder, Nathan Runkle.

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Beef cow preg checks can mean more profit

Beef cow preg checks can mean more profit

Beef Producer

South Dakota State University Extension specialist explains why timely pregnancy detection can mean more profit for beef producers

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Test your hay, and sleep better at night

Test your hay, and sleep better at night

Burt Rutherford


Back when he first started with University of Missouri Extension, Eldon Cole attended an event that featured Jim Ross, the state livestock specialist at the time, on selecting the worst bull in the county. “I don’t recall all the specifics but I believe Jim just looked at the candidates and picked out visually what he thought was the absolute worst ‘looker.’

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Strategic Winter Feeding of Cattle using a Rotational Grazing Structure

Strategic Winter Feeding of Cattle using a Rotational Grazing Structure

Steve Higgins and Sarah Wightman

University of Kentucky

Winter feeding of cattle is a necessary part of nearly all cow-calf operations. In winter months, livestock producers often confine animals to smaller “sacrifice” pastures to reduce the area damaged from winter feeding. A poorly chosen site for winter feeding can have significant negative impacts on soil and water quality.

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Severity of winter and impact on calf birth weights

Severity of winter and impact on calf birth weights

Glenn Selk

Feedlot Magazine

Does the severity (coldness or mildness) of the winter have an impact on spring-born calf birth weights?  Ranchers have asked that question during many springs and veterinarians have speculated for years.  The debate rages on

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When is manure a pollutant?

When is manure a pollutant?

Bob Meyer

Brownfield Network

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court has ruled that while manure is a nutrient when it is applied to farm fields, it becomes a pollutant when it runs into a well.

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Beef cattle welfare in the U.S.

Beef cattle welfare in the U.S.


Animal welfare plays an important role in agriculture. Beef producers are aware that animal production and animal welfare are inextricably linked with ethical, political, economic, environmental and social issues.

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The Calving Toolbox

The Calving Toolbox

Dr. John Comerford

The Pennsylvania State University

After baling hay last summer, fighting mud and snow to feed the cows, and paying all the bills for the year, a dead calf can be a frustrating, and costly, result. Preparation and timely action can help prevent some dead calves, and now is the time to get prepared.

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How to Sustainably Feed Nine Billion People

How to Sustainably Feed Nine Billion People

The Beef Site

Becoming self-sufficient in food production – what better way is there for countries to sustainably feed their growing populations? But, scratch the surface of this potential solution, and it doesn’t really stack up.

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