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Being strategic with calving season can prove beneficial for cattle producers

Being strategic with calving season can prove beneficial for cattle producers


Farm & Ranch Guide

As cattle producers make preparations for calving season, John Dhuyvetter, NDSU Extension specialist, said it’s important that they are being strategic with their decisions. "Calving season is the high workload time of the year," said Dhuyvetter. "It takes a lot more effort to observe, check, feed, care, assist, and do all the things it takes to make sure you have a good success rate."

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Costs of Marketing

Costs of Marketing

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Marketing cattle efficiently and at the proper time can make money. There are many costs involved in getting cattle to market, and it is important to minimize those costs. Many cattle producers do a good job of getting the calves born, keeping them healthy, and minimizing sickness and death loss; however, they do an average or poor job of marketing and thus reduce their potential profit.

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NCBA Says APHIS Should Rethink Allowing Fresh Beef in From Argentina

NCBA Says APHIS Should Rethink Allowing Fresh Beef in From Argentina

Oklahoma Farm Report

Both state and national cattle groups have raised concerns over the USDA proposal to allow fresh or frozen beef from Argentina into the United States. APHIS contends that beef from both Brazil and Argentina is safe and that cattle groups should not be concerned about the history of FMD- foot and mouth disease- in both countries.

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The Esophageal Feeder – a life-saving tool for calves

The Esophageal Feeder – a life-saving tool for calves

Dr. Michelle Arnold


"Failure of passive transfer" of immunity (also called "FPT") occurs when a calf fails to absorb an adequate quantity and quality of immunoglobulin prior to closure of the intestine that occurs at approximately 24 hours after birth. FPT has been linked with increased calf morbidity (sickness), mortality (death), and a reduction in calf growth rate and feed efficiency.

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UT Extension 2015 Beef Management Calendar Now Available

UT Extension 2015 Beef Management Calendar Now Available

Sevier News Messenger

Smart herd management is one of the keys to a profitable cattle operation, and experts with University of Tennessee Extension strive to help producers make informed decisions that will affect their herd’s health, productivity and ultimately profitability.

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MU Extension beef cattle conference in Stockton Jan. 27

MU Extension beef cattle conference in Stockton Jan. 27

Bolivar Herald Free Press

The Southwest Missouri MU Extension Beef Cattle Conference begins at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 27, at the Stockton United Methodist Church.

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Feedyard inventories top year-ago number

Feedyard inventories top year-ago number

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

As of December 1, the number of cattle in U.S. feedyards with capacity of 1,000 head or more stood at 10.9 million head, which was up 1 percent from the total one year earlier, according to the USDA’s December Cattle on Feed report.

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Online Tool Helps Livestock Producers Mitigate Odors

Online Tool Helps Livestock Producers Mitigate Odors

Beef Producer

A team of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach specialists have developed the Air Management Practices Assessment Tool, a web-based online tool to help livestock and poultry producers compare odor mitigation techniques that could be useful on their farms.

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Texas ranchers seeking alternative incomes

Texas ranchers seeking alternative incomes


Lubbock Avalanche  Journal

The Muleshoe Ranch’s profits were chopped in half when the drought withered pastures, dried up stock tanks and forced the owner to move most of his cattle out of state.

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Reducing calf scours starts with the cow before delivery

Reducing calf scours starts with the cow before delivery

Craig Belknap

Progressive Cattleman

As cow-calf producers, we hear a lot about what we can do to reduce calf scours. We often feel as though we’re doing our job when we make sure our calving areas are clean and we’ve got cows bedded prior to calving.

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App helps educate beef industry

App helps educate beef industry

Farm and Dairy

A mobile app for smartphone and tablets developed by the California Beef Council is helping foodservice professionals become more knowledgeable about beef and beef production.

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