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Baxter Black, DVM: Inventors

Baxter Black, DVM:  Inventors

I ran into a mental inventor a while back and it put me to thinkin’. You know the kinda person I’m talkin’ about, the ones that get the ideas that years later someone else makes money on.

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NCBA’s Colin Woodall Offers More Insight on Section 179

NCBA’s Colin Woodall Offers More Insight on Section 179

Oklahoma Farm Report

"They waited just about as long as they could to get the tax extension package passed, but it is in place," Woodall said. "So basically what it does, it takes all of the tax provisions that expired at the end of 2013 and makes them retroactive for all of 2014."

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Herd management strategies top beef cattle seminar agenda

Herd management strategies top beef cattle seminar agenda

Extension specialists from Purdue University, the University of Kentucky and the University of Tennessee will share strategies for profitable beef herd management at the annual Cow/Calf Improvement Seminar. The seminar, called "Developing a Reproductively Sound Cow Herd," is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Jan. 17 at the Orange County Community Center, 1075 N. Sandy Hook Road, Paoli.

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Cattle trail leads to Asia

Cattle trail leads to Asia

Janelle Atyeo

Farm and Ranch Guide

Temperatures were in the teens at the Bruns Angus ranch north of Madison, S.D., on the eve of Thanksgiving, but the chill felt like nothing to three visitors from Kazakhstan. It was three times colder in their homeland, they claimed, with about 10 inches of snow on the ground.

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What do consumers think once they have been on a beef farm?

What do consumers think once they have been on a beef farm?

Ted Ferris, , Nancy Thelen and Ashley Kuschel

Michigan State University

The consumer is interested in how food animals are managed. Consumers want to trust that producers will do the right thing. Participants were asked their level of trust that beef farmers will do the right thing with regard to caring for food-producing animals.

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Modified Live Vaccines Versus Killed Vaccines

Modified Live Vaccines Versus Killed Vaccines

Dr. Ken McMillan

The Progressive Farmer

There are some studies being used to detail problems with modified live vaccines (MLVs). Personally, I think the data supporting the use of MLVs is much stronger.

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Ag a Winner in Cuba Diplomacy

Ag a Winner in Cuba Diplomacy

Chris Clayton


U.S. agricultural exports should become one of the early economic winners under President Barack Obama’s announcement Wednesday to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba and ease some trade and travel restrictions with the island.

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Japan’s soaring demand for cow tongue drives U.S. exports

Japan’s soaring demand for cow tongue drives U.S. exports

Rob Hotakainen


When Manabu Matsumoto took his fiancée to dinner at the Kisuke cow-tongue restaurant in the Japanese city of Sendai recently, the Tokyo couple faced 28 menu choices. Among them: mashed tongue, tongue sausage, tongue gravy, tongue salad, tongue stew, fried tongue, salted tongue, tofu slathered with tongue sauce, roasted tongue, smoked tongue, barbecued tongue, tongue mixed with fried egg and the traditional shabu shabu — thinly sliced tongue boiled in water.

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Consumers Say They Will Choose Chicken Over Beef

Consumers Say They Will Choose Chicken Over Beef

Beef Producer

A new survey shows consumers increasing favor of chicken over beef purchases and also suggests they care where their food is produced but are confused about labeling requirements.

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Cattle handling expert to lead workshop

Cattle handling expert to lead workshop

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Network

Renowned cattle handling expert Lynn Locatelli will put on a workshop for Indiana beef producers and veterinarians.  Locatelli will present the Cattlexpressions Low-Stress Cattle Handling workshop as part of the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association’s annual meeting.

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