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Mastitis in beef cows

Mastitis in beef cows

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

Although mastitis (infection of the udder) is often considered a problem of dairy cows rather than beef cows, the disease does affect many beef herds.

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What is a windbreak worth?

What is a windbreak worth?

Ken Olson

Tri-State Livestock News

We all know that beef cows are affected by cold, windy weather just like we are. As a result, a cow needs additional energy in her diet to maintain body temperature during periods of cold stress.

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Livestock may need extra feed to keep warm in colder weather

Livestock may need extra feed to keep warm in colder weather

Tracy Turner

AG Answers

Colder winter weather means producers need to be aware of increased livestock energy requirements to ensure their animals are able to withstand harsh conditions outdoors, said Rory Lewandowski, an Ohio State University Extension agriculture and natural resources educator.

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Feed Intake, $F, $B and You

Feed Intake, $F, $B and You

A Steak in genomics

Dr. Jared Decker

In October, we reported that Angus Genetics Inc would be including feed intake data into $F and $B indexes. On December 5th, 2014 those changes took effect. In our October poll, 91% of the respondents indicated that they considered including feed intake data as an improvement to the $B index.

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Beef Cattle Lice Control

Beef Cattle Lice Control

Robert D. Hall

University of Missouri

Both chewing and bloodsucking lice are most abundant during the winter. Infestations usually are small during the summer and early fall, but increase rapidly in the winter and spring.

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Cattle ranchers get high-tech tracking app

Cattle ranchers get high-tech tracking app


In Brazil, there are more cows than humans. The country is the world’s largest exporter of beef in the world. A new startup wants to connect the dots between each of those 200 million cattle, the ranchers who own them, global companies that buy the beef, and consumers who want to know where their filet mignon came from.

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Claybrook Farms silage improves herd, creates sustainability

Claybrook Farms silage improves herd, creates sustainability

Delta Farm Press

The word “silage” may have slipped into obscurity for some farming operations, but that’s not the case at Claybrook Farms at Covington, Tenn. On their multi-generation 2,200 acre farm, brothers Chris and Dave Turner manage independent, yet collaborative, crop and cattle businesses intricately linked in one respect: feed.

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Life was good when our only worry was herd expansion

Life was good when our only worry was herd expansion

Troy Marshall


I listened to an economist this week talk about when the market highs would be reached, herd expansion would start, and the eventual downturn in prices would begin. Of course, the cattle cycle is something we all understand, and I feel like we have the metrics down well enough that we can actually manage around it.

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High beef prices ‘here to stay’, says Tyson boss

High beef prices ‘here to stay’, says Tyson boss


High beef prices "are here to stay", boosted by the squeeze on US cattle numbers which may take until the end of the decade to return to 2013 levels and will provide an "umbrella" protecting chicken sector fortunes.

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Cattle producers want end to branding practices

Cattle producers want end to branding practices

Jessica Holdman

The Bismarck Tribune

David Doll, a beef producer in New Salem, said many Canadian vets despise the CAN tattoos. He said eliminating the brand may also decrease people’s desire to try to sneak an unbranded animal into the state illegally.

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