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Theft At Kansas Beef Expo Event In Hutchinson This Past Weekend

Theft At Kansas Beef Expo Event In Hutchinson This Past Weekend

Greg Akagi


There was a theft this past weekend at the 2014 Kansas Winter Beef Expo at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson. The following was posted on Kansas Beef Expo’s Facebook page on Monday

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‘The Lord is my cowboy’ at this abbey

‘The Lord is my cowboy’ at this abbey

Luke Runyon


The biggest moneymaker on the farm comes from the beef cattle. The sisters are very aware of their marketing edge, Sr. Walburga says. “We have kind of a corner in the market, you know, nuns selling natural beef. People just kinda believe in it,” she says. They’ve been in the grass-fed beef business now for about 7 years. Because their operation is so unique, they’ve never had a problem selling out of product.

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Pain mitigation for dehorning calves

Pain mitigation for dehorning calves

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Veterinarians can use a variety of methods to help clients reduce the stress and pain associated with dehorning, according to the American Association of Bovine Practitioners Animal Welfare Committee.

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Life was good when our only worry was herd expansion

Life was good when our only worry was herd expansion

Troy Marshall


I listened to an economist this week talk about when the market highs would be reached, herd expansion would start, and the eventual downturn in prices would begin. Of course, the cattle cycle is something we all understand, and I feel like we have the metrics down well enough that we can actually manage around it.

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Farm bill, fescue and efficiency to headline 2015 Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference

Farm bill, fescue and efficiency to headline 2015 Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference

High Plains Journal

The premier educational event in Iowa for cow-calf producers is offering a comprehensive package of information to attendees next month. The popular Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference has provided timely, accurate and important information to the state’s beef cattle industry for more than 40 years.

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Training the Next Generation of Ranchers

Training the Next Generation of Ranchers

Matt Brockman

The Cattleman

Cultivating the next generation of ranchers is a major concern expressed almost anytime cattle folks congregate. For most of those trying to get their start, the hurdles are significant. Costs of entry, expertise and probably the most important ingredient, the grit and determination to withstand the challenges of ranching, are all issues to overcome if a young man or woman is to join the ranks of an aging demographic.

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Culling Payback . . . . Cutting Out Second Chances

Culling Payback . . . . Cutting Out Second Chances

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Braford cows are a hardy lot. In Texas, the popular mix is sometimes referred to as the "queen cow." She’s productive and long-lived and she can be hard for a cattleman to let go.

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Poor materials make ‘fencing’ a four-letter word

Poor materials make ‘fencing’ a four-letter word

Lynn Jaynes

Progressive Forage Grower

While fencing is not technically a four-letter word, it might as well be. Who hasn’t been irritated with invisible fiberglass shards under the skin for several days after setting a hot-wire fence, and then chased the cows in after they tore it down for the third time?

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Cattle thefts rise in step with beef prices

Cattle thefts rise in step with beef prices


Kansas officials say record cattle prices have led to an increase in cattle theft reports. Authorities say five longhorn cows and a bull, worth at least $10,000, were recently taken from a pasture in southeast Kingman County. A Reno County producer says four 600-pound calves were stolen this month.

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As Beef Industry Deals With Drought, Researchers Eye Less-Thirsty Cattle

As Beef Industry Deals With Drought, Researchers Eye Less-Thirsty Cattle



The ongoing drought in Oklahoma affects everyone in the country. Well, everyone who likes to eat beef, that is. Beef and veal prices will have risen by about 11.5 percent in 2014, and, as Reuters reports, will increase significantly again in 2015 because of drought in the Southern Plains.

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