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BeefTalk: Step 1 for Bull Buying: Red Angus Example

BeefTalk: Step 1 for Bull Buying: Red Angus Example

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

As cattle producers, pondering where those good cattle come from is a good thing. Even better is pondering where those not-so-good cattle come from.

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Using Corn Wisely for Replacement Heifers

Using Corn Wisely for Replacement Heifers

Julie Walker

Farm and Ranch Guide

Producers’ goals are to maximize returns and this could be achieved through least-cost rations that provide the desired performance (gain). With recent corn prices, it is appealing to include as much corn as possible into cattle diets. Corn is a cheap and high quality source of energy.

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Actogain 45: A new beta agonist option

Actogain 45: A new beta agonist option

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

Zoetis recently released a new beta agonist, Actogain 45, (ractopamine hydrochloride) for feedyard use, and during the recent Academy of Veterinary Consultants conference, Zoetis technical services veterinarian Marilyn Corbin, DVM, PhD, outlined trial results for the product.

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Take extra measures when it is extra cold

Take extra measures when it is extra cold

Dr. Dave Barz

Tri State Livestock News

November delivered record low temperatures after October’s record high temperatures. Preparation and attention to detail can minimize weather stress and reduce incidence of illness and animal losses.

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Taking Cattle Up the Creek

Taking Cattle Up the Creek

Dan Miller

Progressive Farmer

It’s a long-held belief of pasture management: Give cattle access to streams and they will stir up a nasty brew of fecal matter, biological contamination, sediment and nutrient loadings. The solution to watering cattle has been to pump it upland to troughs located away from the streams and creeks.

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How Much is Too Much for a Bred Heifer?

How Much is Too Much for a Bred Heifer?

Beef Producer

When it comes to the price of bred cattle, how high is too high? In the last few years cow-calf producers have seen an increase in returns. However, expansion has been slow due to droughts, high feed costs, storms, and high prices of replacement heifers.

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Women Butchers Are Slicing Through The Meat World’s Glass Ceiling

Women Butchers Are Slicing Through The Meat World’s Glass Ceiling

Leoneda Inge


Kari Underly is slicing through half a hog as if it were as soft as an avocado … until she hits a bone. "So what I’m doing now is I’m taking out the femur bone," she explains to a roomful of about 30 women watching as she carves the animal. "The ham is a little bit of a drag, if you will, ’cause we have to make money, and not everybody wants a big ham."

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Beef industry seeing demand, despite prices

Beef industry seeing demand, despite prices

Lindsay Cobb


“We couldn’t afford to feed the cattle, so more cows went to slaughter and we had to shrink the herds,” said Steve Landgraf, manager of Lakin Feed Yard. National herd numbers were at their lowest in decades and the short supply led to record prices at the grocery store, ground beef prices reaching over $4.00 a pound.

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Jana Malot: CBB member, family farmer, ag entrepreneur

Jana Malot: CBB member, family farmer, ag entrepreneur

Chuck Jolley


For Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) member Jana Malot and her husband, Clem, the farming tradition dates back three long and eventful centuries. Both their families can trace their ties to agriculture all the way back to the 1700’s.  “Clem’s farm was continuously run by his family on the same land back into the 1700’s,” she said.

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Livestock may need extra feed to keep warm in colder weather

Livestock may need extra feed to keep warm in colder weather

Tracy Turner

AG Answers

While the weather outside isn’t frightful – yet – livestock producers still need to be thinking now about how they’ll keep their animals warm when the temperatures drop, wind chills rise and it starts to snow, snow, snow.

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